4 Benefits to Using Reshoevn8r's Shoe Trees

4 Benefits to Using Reshoevn8r's Shoe Trees

Helps Maintain the Shape of the Shoe

Sweat, humidity, and heat throughout the day cause shoes to shrink – using the Adjustable Shoe Trees will help your leather sneakers keep their original shape.

 A Deeper Clean

To get a full clean of your sneakers, it is necessary to be able to apply pressure to the toe box. Most shoes are not sturdy enough to hold their own weight while you scrub. However, when you use a Shoe Tree, the durable plastic creates a solid surface to press the brush against while you clean.

 Reduce and Eliminate Creasing

Not only do the Shoe Trees help maintain the shape during storage, they also help reduce creasing during cleanings. By having Reshoevn8r’s Shoe Trees in your sneakers while you clean them, it causes the material to expand to the natural state and significantly decrease the creases that are caused by everyday wear. (Or is you want to prevent creasing from starting use our Sneaker Shields!)

 Made from Durable Plastic and Stainless Steel

Unlike most Shoe Trees, that are made from wood and metal, Reshoevn8r’s Adjustable Shoe Trees are made with durable plastic and stainless steel. This means they won’t rust or warp overtime! 

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