The Air Jordan 11 Cool Grey with a Sole Shield on the icy outsole

Protecting the Icy Sole on the Cool Grey Air Jordan 11 with Sole Shields

Apply Sole Shields to the Cool Grey Air Jordan 11

Welcome back to another episode of Shoe Care Academy…today Jonny Bubbles is going to be showing us how to apply Reshoevn8r Sole Shields to the Cool Grey Air Jordan 11

The Air Jordan 11 is famous for two things: its patent leather and of course, the icy sole…and man does that sole look good. 

The problem occurs as the soles start to age and oxidize…they turn piss yellow instead of keeping their beautiful icy blue color. 

Reshoevn8r Sole Shields are the solution to this problem. By applying a Sole Shield to your Jordan 11s, you can stop the yellowing process before it starts, and keep your soles looking icy for the lifespan of the shoe. 

Applying them can be tricky without proper training, that’s why Jonny is going to give you an expert lesson in applying Sole Shields the right way.

Follow this tutorial to protect your ice soles from imminent yellowing. 

Preparing to Apply Sole Shields to an Icy Sole

The first step in applying Sole Shields is preparing the surface with an alcohol prep pad. Use the pad to wipe down the entire sole of the shoe. Even with a brand new shoe, you want to make sure that the surface is free of grease and dirt. 

After prepping the sole, we can start to trace our Sole Shields. With the glossy side down and matte side up, place your sneaker onto the Sole Shield and use a dry erase marker to trace an outline of the sole. 


Be careful to avoid making any marks on the midsole of your shoe. This is why Jonny suggests using a dry erase marker, rather than a permanent one. If you mess up, a dry erase marker is much easier to clean. 

Once you’ve completely traced the sole of the shoe, grab a pair of scissors and cut out the Sole Shield along the trace line. 


For Air Jordan 11s, Jonny recommends cutting slightly outside of the trace line so that we have room to wrap the sole shield up the side of the outsole onto the midsole. This will seal the Sole Shield in place and block dirt from getting in between the outsole and the Sole Shield. 


Peel the matte backing off of the Sole Shield and slowly place it onto the sole of the shoe. Once you’ve got the Sole Shield in a good spot, start to smooth it out and apply pressure. Don’t seal the edges yet as we’re going to do that as the very last step, we want to ensure that we can remove any air bubbles that may sneak in during the heating process. 

With the Sole Shield now in place, take the heat gun and use it to adhere the Sole Shield to the outsole. Make sure to stick the sides into place, too. 

The last step is to apply the included traction pads. You can apply these in any configuration that you like, just peel off the backing and stick them in place. 

Sole Shield Activated

And there you have it: this pair of Air Jordan 11s is now completely protected from yellowing. Nothing is going to ruin that beautiful icy sole. 

Reshoevn8r Sole Shields are the solution to every sneakerheads worst nightmare, and they aren’t just compatible with the Air Jordan 11. Use Sole Shields to protect the icy sole on any of your fresh kicks.

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