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Are Sole Shields Worth It?

Why You Should Use Sole Shields

We get asked all of the time: Are Sole Shields worth it? What if I told you we used them to protect a shoe that’s worth $25k? 

Think of your shoes as an investment. Many of your shoes actually are a pretty solid investment. Like a car, the minute you wear your shoes their value starts to decrease. Want an easy way to stop that value from decreasing, minimizing your loss should you ever decide to sell? You’ve come to the right place. 

But what if you don’t care about resale value? Sole Shields are a fantastic option for those of you who like to rock their kicks, too. Protecting the sole will make your shoes last longer, meaning you can wear them for years on end. 

So what makes Sole Shields worth your hard earned money? 

Sole Shields Slow the Oxidation Process

Sole Shields slow down oxidation. You know, that thing that makes your soles turn yellow? Unless you’re a hypebeast for anything vintage, yellow soles are no good. Sole Shields completely cover your sole to slow down, and in many cases prevent oxidation from occurring. This means that your icy soles will stay icy, and your solid rubber soles won’t tarnish or yellow. 

 Ultimate Protection against Heel Drag

Not only do Sole Shields protect your shoes from dirt, but they also prevent heel drag. The soles of your shoes take a beating with each and every step you take. When protected with Sole Shields your shoes are less susceptible to the harsh conditions of the outside world. Your outsoles will take on less wear and tear when covered with Sole Shields

Pro Tip: Sole Shields are for light use only. Activities such as basketball, skateboarding, running, etc should not be done while wearing Sole Shields. While Sole Shields are meant to withstand everyday wear, they will not hold up to excessive strain from activities such as those mentioned above. 

Protect your Grails with Sole Shields

As you saw in the video above, Vick’s good friend relied on the protection of RESHOEVN8R Sole Shields to keep his $25k OVO Air Jordan 14 samples in deadstock condition. If they’re good enough for that shoe, they’re good enough for you! 

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