Ask Vick: Yeezy Edition

Ask Vick: Yeezy Edition


How can I protect my Yeezys from stains?

One easy way to keep your Yeezys protected from stains is to spray them with our Water + Stain Repellent. For Yeezy 350’s or any knit shoe we recommend using a water based repellent. However, for suede, nubuck or any other material, the an aerosol repellent would be preferable. 




Can you machine wash Yeezys?

Yes you can machine wash Yeezys!  One of the common misconceptions of machine washing shoes is that you will damage them. As long as you are using the correct cycles (normal cycle with cold water) and a laundry bag your Yeezy’s are fine to be machined washed. One of the benefits of machine washing is that in addition to getting a deeper clean it also deodorizes shoes!  






How to remove odor from knitted shoes?

There are two methods for removing odor from knitted shoes. The first method is deep cleaning the shoes in the washing machine with a disinfecting detergent. The second method is using a spray deodorizer in your shoes on a regular basis. Either way your shoes will smell great! 








How can I clean prime knit without it fraying? 

Ensuring you have the right tools is the first step to getting any job done right. To clean knit, we always recommend using our Premium Soft Brush, the bristles are engineered to get deep into the fibers without the rough synthetic hair that most brushes have. 










Can you remove yellowing from boost?

Yellowing is unfortunately caused by oxidation, which is the chemical reaction of the air on boost. The only way to combat the yellowing is to paint over the boost with a white oil based marker. These markers you can find at most retailers. 






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