RESHOEVN8R Holiday Gift Guide 2022

Best Holiday Gifts for Sneakerheads under $50

Five Gifts for Sneakerheads, all for $50 or Less

It’s that time of year…but don’t stress about it! While everyone else is clamoring over what to buy for their family and friends, you can rest easy knowing that RESHOEVN8R has you covered. Seriously, we have many great gifts for the shoe lover in your life. The best part? The gifts on this list won’t break the bank. 

Your wallet and your shoes are safe with us. In a day and age where money carries less value and your dollars don’t seem to stretch, we’re proud to offer some of the world’s best shoe care products for less than $50. 

See? Gift giving doesn’t have to be hard, nor expensive. Here are the best holiday gifts for under $50 for Sneakerheads. (PS...everyone deserves the satisfaction of fresh, clean shoes this holiday season).

1.  Essential Kit

I’m going to let you in on a little secret; the Essential Kit provides the most value of any shoe cleaning kit on the market. This little kit is small in price but packs a powerful cleaning punch. 

The Essential Kit contains all three of our premium Shoe Care Brushes (Soft, Medium, Stiff) and an 8oz bottle of all-purpose Sneaker Cleaning Solution. And just for kicks, we threw in an ultra-soft microfiber towel to seal the deal. 

This shoe cleaning kit can handle anything from a 30-second touchup to a full-on deep clean of your shoes. You’ll get up to 50 uses on the bottle of Solution alone.

If you like extra value, get this: the Essential Kit also works great on hats, handbags, purses, and more. I know you’ve got someone in mind that can put this thing to good use!


2. Travel Toiletry Bag

Our brand-new Travel Toiletry Bag is the next item on our list of the best holiday gifts for under $50. Seriously, just about everyone could use a premium travel bag. We pride ourselves on attention to detail; no stone was left unturned when we brought this bag to market. 

The ruched fabric exterior is waterproof and stain resistant to protect all of your essentials. The nifty carry handle and premium leather detailing are on point. The Travel Toiletry Bag is ready for your next overnight stay or weekend adventure.


3. Sole Shields

Before you ask, Sole Shields is more of a niche product…but they’re still an incredibly inexpensive and useful gift! If you know (or are) a sneakerhead, you know how important it is to keep your shoes looking fresh. Sole Shields are designed to protect the bottom of your shoes against everyday wear and tear. 

If you think of shoes as an investment, Sole Shields are like an insurance policy on that investment. Once applied, you can wear your shoes worry-free. Who knew you could give peace of mind as a gift this year? And for only $30! Looks like someone is going to be the favorite this holiday season. 


4. Repellent (Two Pack)

What’s better than one gift? Two gifts! Our specialty Repellent Two Pack will save you some serious cash and provide 24-hour protection for any shoe. Our flagship Water + Stain Repellent is, by far and away, our best-selling product. Why? Because it works. So we figured we’d save you some money by offering a discounted two-pack. 

What if the person you’re buying gifts for this year doesn’t need two? Easy…keep one for yourself! I promise I won’t tell a “sole.”


5.  Sneaker Cleaning Solution (16oz)

You can never have too much of a good thing. That’s the idea behind this GIANT bottle of our powerful (and all-natural) Sneaker Cleaning Solution. 

This is a great gift for a few reasons. First, it’ll last forever. You’ll get so many uses out of this thing that it might last until next holiday season! Second, our all-natural Solution can be used to clean more than just shoes. As mentioned earlier, our Solution works great on leather handbags and purses, small stains on hats, and much more. 


See it? Like it? Want it? You got it! 

That rounds out our list of the best holiday gifts under $50 for sneakerheads. Can’t get down with any of these awesome gifts? How about we make it easy on you; we also sell gift cards. Is it a cop-out? Maybe…but we still love you anyways! 

Get your holiday shopping done the right way with RESHOEVN8R. From everyone here at RESHOEVN8R, may your holiday season be thrifty, and your shoes bright! 

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