Chopped Reimagined Royal Jordan 1

Chopped Reimagined Royal Jordan 1

Taking a Reimagined classic to the next level with just a simple cut! Over the last year or so Nike has prioritized re-dropping their classic colorways by adding their own spin! We started with the Lost and Found Jordan 1s; better known as the reimagined Chicago Jordan 1. This was by far the best reimagined release thus far with the cracked leather touches and top of the line quality. Quickly after the Reimaged White Cement 3s hit the scene and they were overall a hit of that OG classic colorway. Before we knew it there were rumors about almost every OG colorway that has dropped from the Bred 4s to the Royal 1s and even the Black Cement 3s… What do you think will be the next “Reimagined” reveal?!


Lost and Found flatlay White Cement Reimagined


The Reimagined Royals were seen in photos long before the actual drop, but not very many people were expecting an all suede upper until we got closer to the release. On November 4th these dropped on SNKRS after a previous shock drop and that is where they continue to sit. You can STILL pick up these cult classic sneakers on the app for retail value. Now that might be the most disappointing thing to say this year. A reimagined classic sitting on the shelves all over the country is plain sad. However, this sneaker being easily accessible leaves a ton of room for customization techniques.


Reimagined Royal On Foot photo Reimagined Royal Jordan 1

After we picked up this sneaker from our premium partner Impossible Kicks it was time to dig into what we could do from a creative standpoint to better the kicks! Vick quickly decided to turn this high top into a low. Although Vick wasn’t personally a fan of what Nike did, he knew that he could make it better.


To start this customization process we had to deconstruct the uppers by removing the tongue and cutting off that collar piece. To complete this process we first had to sew the inner lining to the outer portion of the sneaker to guide us through the cutting process. Once that was completed it was time for a super sharp X-acto knife and the precision to match; one slip up and the entire custom is scrapped. With the collars and the tongue removed it was time to make this low Reimaged 1 wearable and detailed.

The sockliner had to be sewn in which was by far the most tedious process of the project. With that installed it was time to move back to the details. After going back and forth between a white and black tongue there was a debate throughout the office. Ultimately the original black tongue was the winner!

To put the final touches on the sneaker; Vick chose to add a subtle Fragment logo to mirror the sample Fragment Jordan 1 lows that were seen in a couple of images. This was done using the cricut vinyl cutter and some heat transfer vinyl to complete the job. Last step was a decision that came after seeing a trick Vick had never seen before on social media. We used a tool to make the suede appear matte and it completely elevated these kicks!

With all those touches being said these “Reimagined Fragment Jordan 1 lows” came out on top as one of the best customs of the year!

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