Cleaning a Pair of $1,100 Dollar Dior Sneakers

Cleaning a Pair of $1,100 Dollar Dior Sneakers


In this week's sneaker care academy video our sneaker care expert Jordan is going to be cleaning a pair of Dior B23 lows. These shoes are being sold for around the 1,100 dollar price range ,but this pair looks absolutely disgusting. There is tons of grime all over the uppers of the shoe and Jordan is going to make them look brand new with our signature shoe cleaning kit. This kit features Reshoevn8r’s patented sneaker laundry system, so you can clean your shoes in the washing machine without damaging them. Let’s see how she makes these dior sneakers a luxury item once again


To get these shoes prepped and ready to clean you will start out by taking out the laces and inserting the Reshoevn8r shoe tree into your sneaker. Taking out the laces will make it much easier to clean the tongue and the laces when the time comes. The shoe tree will help reshape the toe box, and allow you to give the shoe a deeper clean. Then you will use a dry soft brush to go over the uppers and get rid of all the surface level dirt. Going straight to using the cleaning solution can push unwanted dirt and grime deeper into the shoe making it harder to clean. It is essential to dry brush the uppers to give your sneakers the best clean possible.

Cleaning Process

On every shoe including these Diors you will want to start the cleaning process the same way by scrubbing the uppers with a soft brush. The soft brush should also be used on the laces and the interior of the shoe to completely disinfect the shoe inside and out. Then Jordan moves onto the midsole using the medium brush, and the outsole with the stiff brush. It is important to use the brushes on these specific parts of the shoe or else you could potentially damage the sneaker. Now that she has completely scrubbed the shoes it is time to put them in the washing machine.

How to Use the Sneaker Laundry Kit

Our patented sneaker laundry system is a one of a kind product that allows you to put your shoes in the washing machine without damaging your prized sneakers. You will want to put them into the bag with the sole’s touching together to ensure that they fit. The sneaker laundry bag can fit a pair of shoes up to a high top size 12 and if you have a bigger shoe size you will have to clean each shoe individually. After putting them in the bag with the soles touching you will tighten the clasps on both sides, and put your laces into the laces pouch. Now they are ready to go into the wash on a cold cycle for 30-45 minutes. After 45 minutes you will want to let them dry in the sun. DO NOT put them into the dryer; this will damage your shoes and cause them to shrink.

Finished Product

Jordan completely revived these busted diors and now they look brand new. If you want a clean like this one check out the video below for a step by step tutorial and go to our website and pick up your very own sneaker laundry kit.

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