Making a Custom Jordan 4 as a Surprise Birthday Gift

Making a Custom Jordan 4 as a Surprise Birthday Gift

Custom Polo Ralph Lauren Air Jordan 4s

Custom Jordans are one of the most exciting things about the RESHOEVN8R Youtube channel. Specifically, watching the idea turn from just an idea into a real-life custom shoe is just exhilarating. 

Luckily for us here at RESHOEVN8R, we have one of the best customizers out there on staff, and when he gets an idea, he executes it perfectly. Today, Vick Almighty is making a custom Air Jordan 4 inspired by a Stadium Polo Ralph Lauren jacket. This custom Jordan 4 was commissioned by one of our manager's girlfriends as a birthday gift. Akil worked for Polo back in the day, and the Stadium jacket is his favorite piece. It should serve as the perfect inspiration for this custom Air Jordan. 

The fun part of this custom is that we’re going to combine two different Jordan 4s, the Fire Reds and the Motorsports. We’re going to essentially do a tongue and back tab swap; the Motorsports will end up with the tongues and back tabs of the fire reds to add to the red, white, and blue color scheme.

I know, I know. Some of you will be very upset that we cut apart a perfectly good pair of Fire Red Air Jordan 4s to make this custom…just let the master do his work, okay? 

All in the Details

Swapping the hardware and tongues was the easy part, though. The finer details made this custom such an undertaking for Vick Almighty. In particular, the tongue tags and custom engravings on the back tabs took the most time. 

But if you don’t give the little details the attention they deserve, it can ruin the entire custom. Patience in the process is what makes Vick’s custom shoes so unique. 

 If you haven’t already, check out our video on the custom Jordan 1 that Vick made for WNBA legend Sue Bird. The shoe was recently revealed to her, and it’s the perfect demonstration of why Vick loves doing what he does. Seeing the reactions is a priceless moment that makes the entire custom process worth it. 

The insoles on this custom Jordan 4 are pretty cool, too. To give them that Polo Ralph Lauren theme, Vick cut some tags off of some thrifted Polo and stitched them into place on the insoles. 

Another awesome Polo-themed detail was the midsole, which Vick painted Navy, and then added American Flag details to match the Stadium Jacket. The inside of the midsoles features blue and white stars on one side and the red and white stripes on the other. 

The back tabs proved to be the most time-consuming piece of this restoration. Before Vick could laser engrave them, he had to fill in the old stitching holes with Flex Glue, sand them, and repaint them.

Finishing Touches

 With that out of the way, Christian helped Vick engrave each tab with some of Akil’s nicknames. Another sweet laser engraving touch was a birthday message from Akil’s girlfriend. 

But the coolest detail out of everything on this custom Polo Ralph Lauren-inspired Air Jordan 4 is the tongue tags. Our graphic designer Christian concepted the tags, and D-Nice customs turned that concept into reality. After adding some simulated stitching, Vick glued them in place to complete the theme and finish this Air Jordan 4 custom overall. 

While this custom Jordan 4 may look unassuming, the subtle details collectively add up to make this shoe a masterpiece. Akil is going to love his birthday gift. How can you not love receiving a custom 1-of-1 shoe from Vick Almighty?

Let us know your thoughts on this Custom Air Jordan 4 inspired by Polo Ralph Lauren. Would you rock this sweet pair of custom shoes? Head over to Youtube and let us know in the comment section! 

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