The Phoenix Suns City Edition jersey and the custom Jordans by Vick Almighty.

Custom Shoes inspired by the Phoenix Sun' City Edition Jersey

Custom Shoes with a Purpose

It's often the story behind a custom shoe that speaks to us at RESHOEVN8R, which is why we immediately jumped at the chance to help the Phoenix Suns unveil their brand new City Edition Jerseys. 

The Sun's City Edition Jerseys pay respect to the 22 Tribal Nations that live in Arizona. Each unique detail from the uniform can be found on Vick's custom. 

Today we're going to shine a light on each unique storytelling element and how they came together to produce this beautiful custom shoe. 

A New Logo

One of the most important design elements featured on the City Edition Jersey is the new Suns logo. This logo in inspired by a traditional Native American medicine wheel. 

Vick opted to place the new Sun's logo front & center on the tongue in place of the typical Jordan Jumpman. 

Turquoise Blue

The base color for the new uniform and Vick's custom Jordan is perhaps the most meaningful detail. The turquoise blue color represents the “protection stone” or “living stone.” 

As per the Sun's press release, "A color of strength, the turquoise uniforms will serve as the team’s suit of armor."

Twenty-two Arrowheads for the Twenty-two Tribes 

There are 22 Tribal Nations in Arizona, so it was only right to honor every single one of them. The Sun's uniform features 22 Arrowheads, one for each Tribe. Vick Almighty used this same pattern on his custom shoes. Each shoe was painted with 11 Arrowheads, making 22 in all. 

Step by Step

As time consuming as it was, recreating the Tribal Step pattern from the uniforms had to be done. The Step pattern runs down the sides of the jersey and shorts, and Vick was able to seamlessly incorporate it into the custom sneaker. 

Custom Insoles With a Message

The final detail on these Phoenix Suns Custom Jordan 4s is the insole. The custom insole features the word "sun" in the native tongue of each of the 22 Tribal Nations! This same detail is found throughout the Sun's City Edition uniform. 

Rally the Valley

What do you think of Vick's latest custom for the Phoenix Suns? It was a pleasure to work on a project with such a meaningful message. We hope that Vick was able to accurately depict the awesome story that the Sun's were trying to tell with the powerful City Edition uniforms. 

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