Custom Nike Dunks for Ebay

First Look & Release Info: eBay x Nike SB Dunk Low

First Look & Release Info: eBay x Nike SB Dunk Low

You've probably heard of them, and now they're making a comeback. Yes, the rumors seem to be true. The Nike SB Dunk Low eBay is reportedly making a comeback, and we have a first look for you! 

The shoe originally released in 2003, and rumors about the number of pairs made has hovered around the 2 or 3 mark, making the eBay Nike Dunks one of the more rare pairs in existence. The reason the Nike eBay Dunk is so infamous is the story behind it: when the OG pair sold at auction, the only sample pair was cut to pieces to ensure that the auction winner was the sole owner of the shoe. 

But fast forward to 2018, former Nike employee Sandy Bodecker was reportedly gifted a third pair of the eBay Dunks for his retirement gift...leaving sneakerheads wondering if we could see the return of the Nike eBay Dunk and even a retail release. 

Sadly, no...the eBay Nike Dunk will not get a regular retail release. Instead, the Nike eBay Dunk is set to drop via eBay Auction. The release is reportedly limited to 1,500 pairs... a far cry from the 2-3 pairs that released in 2003. 

Make sure you stay tuned. As more information surfaces, we'll be sure to update you so that you can stay in the know on the release date and other info for the return of the eBay x Nike SB Dunk Low. 

eBay Nike Dunk: Photos

As we wait for more release info to surface, check out one of our recent projects. Just months before the eBay Dunk was rumored to return, Vick Almighty recreated the infamous shoes and gifted them to eBay sneakers. Check out the full process below! 

Customizing Nike Dunks inspired by eBay

Today, Vick's working on a custom Nike Dunk for one of the biggest retailers in the world...

Have you ever bought a pair of shoes off of eBay? Over the last few years, eBay has grown more and more popular among sneakerheads and sneaker sellers. This pair is going to be inspired by one of the rarest pairs of sneakers to ever exist, the 2003 eBay Nike Dunks, of which only two pairs are known to exist. 

2003 eBay Nike Dunks

As mentioned, this custom is inspired by a pair of Nike Dunks from 2003. The eBay Nike Dunk is probably the rarest Nike SB in existence. One pair of the Dunks was auctioned off for charity in 2003, fetching $30,000. However, the second sample pair was cut up and destroyed, right in front of everyone at the auction house. 

The eBay Dunks featured a sweet eBay-themed patent leather upper, and the "Nike" logo on the heel was printed in an eBay-style font. 

Rumor has it that a third pair was gifted to long-time Nike creative and designer Alexander “Sandy” Bodecker, but most reports mention only the two above. Either way, that makes these extremely rare. 

Now that you've seen and read the story of the infamous eBay Nike Dunks from 2003, let's talk about how Vick recreated this shoe with his own creative twist. 


The base shoe for this eBay custom Nike Dunk is going to be a 1 of 1 Nike ID pair of Dunks that Vick found guessed it, eBay!

The colors of the shoe are the perfect base for what Vick has in mind for this custom. 

After removing the insole and shoelaces, Vick got straight to work on the paint job by applying a fresh coat of white paint to the toe and back portion of the upper. Because this pair of Nike Dunks aren't made from real leather, we can skip the typical prep work of acetone and cotton balls.

With our fresh white paint laid down, we're ready to make the colors of this eBay Dunk pop again. As you probably guessed, we're going to do 4 colors, blue, red, green, and yellow. 

Vick started by laying down the bright yellow paint, followed by the red. But before moving on to the other colors, we've gotta drop these off to Julian to get a sweet custom laser engraving. 

Laser Engraving the eBay Nike Dunks

For the laser engraving, Vick chose the phrase "Reselling since '95", a fitting message considering eBay's recent emergence in the mainstream resell game, and the fact that they were founded in 1995. Y'all ready know that eBay's been doing this on the low-key since well before StockX and GOAT existed. 

eBay is the OG sneaker marketplace!

Vick filled in the engraving with black paint and then moved on to another custom detail, adding some eBay tags to the collar. 

The donor tags were taken from dust bags that come straight from eBay. The bags are given to customers who purchase authenticated sneakers through eBay that don't have a box. The little tags on the side of the bags are going to look great on these Dunks

Vick simply cut the tags from the bags and glued them into place on the collar. Such a sweet personal detail. 

Finishing the Paint

Now we can finally finish painting. Vick used an angular brush and blue paint to color the swoosh and back portion of the collar, and used an airbrush and some deep green paint to color the eye-stay 

To finish off this eBay custom, we're going to add two more custom touches that really set these off. 

Vick sewed on the custom tongue tags from Julian and inserted the custom D-Nice insoles that were designed by RESHOEVN8R’S very own  Creative Director, Eric Gagnier. Just like that, these are ready to get sent off to our good friends over at eBay.

If there was any doubt before what the inspiration was for these custom Nike Dunks, it's long gone now. These are unmistakably eBay...just as they should be!

What are your thoughts? Vick went in on this one, and put his own creative spin on one of the rarest sneakers ever...they turned out so cool. You think eBay's going to like them? We definitely think so. 

For everything they've done for the sneaker community...Thank you eBay! 

For more amazing customs with Vick, click on over to our Youtube channel! Thanks for tuning in. 

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