Eleven Years Strong

Eleven Years Strong

Reshoevn8r has changed the sneaker game, what’s next in the cards?

Eleven years is about 96,360 hours... that is the amount of time that Steve Grear has had to shape the future of Reshoevn8r. During this time, owner and founder, Steve Grear took a frustration and built it into an award-winning sneaker cleaning company. In 2020, a year that nearly shut down the world’s economy, Reshoevn8r found a way to rebrand, expand, and hire new talent that will catapult the company to first in class across multiple nations; that was only year 10.

In year 11, Reshoevn8r has continued to carve its name into a billion-dollar industry. Join me in reviewing Reshoen8r’s biggest hits, best customization, hottest blogs, and most comprehensive how-to videos. Stick around to the end to see what is up next for Reshoevn8r as well.

Throughout the years, Vick Almighty has collaborated with dozens of other sneakerheads, filmed thousands of hours of customization videos, Shoe Care Academy, Restorations, and guest features. Here are a couple of Reshoevn8r’s best-performing videos.

When it comes to customizations, we are all aware that Vick Almighty is the best. For this first video, we’re throwing it WAY back. With 1.2 million subscribers on Youtube, this video has been viewed over 5 million times. The AIR MAX Day: Custom Sean Wotherspoon Air Max 97  debuted in March of 2018. Follow along with Vick Almighty as he celebrated Air Max day in 2018  with a custom Sean Wotherspoon Air Max 97. 

Staying in the same year that the Sean Wotherspoon Air Max came out, Vick restored a 1985 Air Jordan Chicago 1. This video has also been viewed over 5 million times. With a sneaker that has been sitting in a garage for 20+ years, watch as Vick restores it to its original characteristics.

Keeping in the 5 million view range, Vicks’s restoration of some super trashed Nike Air Force 1’s squeezed in and continues to be a top-performing restoration of Vicks’s career. Katchup and Musterd were no match for Vick and his Reshoevn8r products.

Let’s talk high fashion and name-brand sneakers, Vick restored a pair of Gucci Aces that came out pristine. Follow along with Vick as he struggles to put in a pair of shoe trees, but gets all of the stains out of these Aces.

Reshoevn8r isn’t just about the hypest sneakers. Watch as CEO Steve Grear gets his hands dirty deep cleaning a pair of Red Vans. Steve walks us through the 4 brush systems and the proper way to clean most sneakers.

A recap of videos wouldn’t be complete unless we put in Vicks Yeezy 350 Pirate Black Restoration. In Vicks’ 75th episode of Restorations with Vick, he took a pair of beat-up Yeezy’s and transformed them back into their glory. If you haven’t applied a set of Sole Shields, this video walks you through the process of how to install them correctly.

It’s known that Reshoevn8r produces top-level videos. Coming in a close second in terms of viewership are our blogs. Over the years, Reshoevn8r has worked with award-winning authors and sneakerheads to write how-to segments and sneaker release articles. Here are our top 5 viewed blogs over the years.

Coming in at the number 5 viewed blog all the way from 2018 is our How to wash your shoes in the washing machine. Our patented sneaker laundry system has been one of our go-to products over the years. Follow along as we show you how to restore your shoes back to its full potential.

Screeching in at number 4 is our How to clean Off white Vapormax’s. Off-White is synonymous with hype in the sneaker industry. If you were one of the lucky ones to cop a pair of the Off-White Vapormax's, make sure you keep them looking out-of-the-box fresh with these few simple steps found here in our blog.

Coming in at number 3, and one of my personal favorites is Ask Vick: Yeezy Edition. Vick answers the most commonly asked questions about Yeezy’s and how to keep them looking fresh.

Our number 1 blog with thousands of hits a week is our How to clean Adidas Ultra Boost 3.0 Limited White/Silver. These coveted pair of uber comfortable sneakers will always have a special place in our hearts.

We’ve gone over the last decade’s amazing videos, blogs, customizations, and restorations. What is Reshoevn8r focused on now?

There’s no surprise that Steve Grearis on the move and taking Reshoevn8r to the next level. In 2020 Steve hired Vishal Wadher, as the ecommerce director and was quickly promoted to COO of Reshoevn8r. Along with his wit, charm, and knowledge, he has brought a new passion for his “Global Domination” plan which includes an all-in mentality by everyone working with the Reshoen8r brand.

As we march through our 10th year, and approach our 11th anniversary, Reshoevn8r is focused on new product launches, reinvigorated product lines, collaborations, Restoration Classes, mail-in cleaning services for our Executive Club members, and a ton of new retail partnerships across the world,  you do not want to miss what is next in line for this company.

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