Executive Club Scholarship - Be Your Own Boss

Executive Club Scholarship - Be Your Own Boss

Reshoevn8r is proud to have  developed a “business in a box” program that will allow you to take your passion for sneakers to the next level. Our Executive Membership Club offers you a chance to begin your entrepreneurial journey. The program was created for all the sneaker enthusiasts who want to generate an additional revenue stream and start their own shoe cleaning business. The Executive Club Scholarship will be offered to one recipient per month who will receive the following:


  • Entire Reshoevn8r product line up valued at over $250 (includes a carrying case). 
  • Training Manual to help you master your craft.  
  • Opportunity to take the Reshoevn8r Certification Exam to become a Certified Reshoevn8r Shoe Cleaning Specialist. We will provide you with a certificate to prove your legit. (Don’t worry our training manual will help you ace the exam). 
  • Shoe Cleaning Services Price Sheet, to help you begin making a profit - FAST! 
  • Access to Re: Membership Program to place re-up orders on cleaning products and purchase exclusive Reshoevn8r gear and a discount.


 We will be giving away one membership per month, so you still have a chance to learn from the best for free! Apply today for a chance to begin your business journey with Reshoevn8r.  


From the sneaker cleaning professionals at Reshoevn8r, we will be teaching you the best way to clean all of your shoes with all of the products we provide. Our courses will provide in-depth tutorials on how to clean leather, suede, nubuck, canvas and so much more! This will be a great way to get your own sneaker care business started. Some other features include, product incentives, live chat support, and access to member exclusive items.


Apply today for a chance to win our Executive Club Scholarship! Good luck to all that enter and we can’t wait to see you grow!


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