These Five Gifts Are Perfect For Father’s Day 2022

These Five Gifts Are Perfect For Father’s Day 2022

Keep His ‘Dad Shoes’ Looking Fresh


It’s about that time to celebrate Dad and all of his Dadness. Buying a gift for someone who has everything they need can be a challenge, but luckily RESHOEVN8R has some awesome ideas to keep your Dad looking fresh whether he’s manning the grill, mowing the lawn, or hitting the town for a night out!

And the best part is, each of the  RESHOEVN8R sneaker care products on our Father’s Day Gift Guide are around $50 or less - because it’s the thought behind the gift that makes it great, not the price tag. Dad doesn’t need an expensive gift, he needs a useful one. 

Here are five things that Dad needs for Father's Day.

1. Sneaker Deodorizer 

The LAST thing Dad needs is his favorite sneakers stinking up the house. RESHOEVN8R Sneaker Deodorizer works hard to eliminate unwanted odors from even the dirtiest of shoes. 

Think of it as a gift for Dad, and a gift for you. When his shoes smell fresh, it’s a win for everyone. Our new and improved formula and the convenient pump spray bottle make it easy to deodorize and freshen Dad’s sneakers in a matter of seconds. 

Sneaker Deodorizer



2. Crease Protectors

If your dad is anything like mine, he loves taking care of his shoes. Dad didn’t drop the cash for  a new pair of kicks without planning on keeping them in pristine condition. RESHOEVN8R Crease Protectors are a must-have for your Dad’s collection. 

RESHOEVN8R Crease Protectors are easy to insert, comfortable to wear, and prevent creasing at the source. The new-and-improved design is more breathable and comfy without sacrificing the crease-proof structure. 

Give Dad the gift of crease-free kicks with RESHOEVN8R Crease Protectors. 

Crease Protectors



3. Signature Kit

Whether Dad’s sneakers are covered in grass stains or charcoal dust, the RESHOEVN8R Signature Shoe Cleaning Kit is here to save the day. 

Complete with everything Dad needs for a deep clean of his sneakers, the RESHOEVN8R Signature Shoe Cleaning Kit is tough enough to handle the most stubborn of stains. From a scrub down with the Cleaning Solution and Brushes to a trip through the washing machine with the Sneaker Laundry Bag, the Signature Shoe Cleaning Kit has you covered. 

Dad’s sneakers will be the cleanest on the block with the Signature Kit from RESHOEVN8R. 

Signature Kit



4. Online Cleaning Service

Maybe your dad is too busy to clean his own shoes…that’s okay! RESHOEVN8R offers an Online Cleaning Service for that exact reason. 

Take one (or all) of your dad’s favorite sneakers, box them up, and send them over to us to clean instead. Our professional sneaker cleaning team is eager to serve you and put the shine back into your shoes. 

And with different levels of service available, it’s extremely easy to find the right cleaning package for your specific needs. 

Online Cleaning Service

Price Varies By Service

5. Gift Card

You can never go wrong with a gift card. Sometimes it’s just easier to send Dad a gift card to his favorite sneaker care website. Whether you aren’t sure of his specific sneaker needs, or if you don’t have the time to pick out one of the gifts above, a RESHOEVN8R gift card is an excellent option. 

Buy a RESHOEVN8R Gift Card in the amount of your choice, and give your dad the ability to pick his own sneaker care gifts! 

Gift Card


Get Your Gifts Early! 

We hope you find our suggestions helpful, and that this Father’s Day is filled with the joys of clean sneakers and Dad jokes galore. 

If any of the above products don’t seem quite like what you’re looking for, be sure to check out the plethora or other sneaker care products that we offer…from Sneaker Wipes to the Dry Suede Kit, we have something for everyone. 

 Head on over to to explore everything we have to offer. 

Happy Father’s Day from your friends at RESHOEVN8R. 


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