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Help Dad Relax With This Great Sneaker Gift

Don’t Let Dad Lift Another Finger: Best Father's Day Gift

Have you been thinking about getting Dad the best shoe cleaner in the world for Father’s Day? We’re flattered, but we know some Dad’s would rather someone else do the work for them. Here’s another great Father’s Day gift that’ll allow Dad to relax more, and stress less. 

RESHOEVN8R Online Cleaning Service Makes the Perfect Father’s Day Gift

You’ve been trying for months to get Dad to clean his shoes, to no avail. Maybe he’s just too darn lazy to clean his own shoes. After all, Dad probably spends too much time in a Dad-to-Dad competition with the neighbors for the greenest lawn, biggest meat smoker, and cleanest car. 

Give Dad a break for Father’s Day. He deserves to relax, not slave away at the workbench cleaning his shoes. 

Does this sound like your dad? Everyone deserves clean shoes - even if they’re too lazy to clean them themselves. Instead of letting Dad’s favorite shoes succumb to the depths of bacteria, odor, and dirt…take advantage of RESHOEVN8R’s Online Cleaning Service.

No, it’s not exactly what it sounds like  - we can’t clean Dad’s shoes through the internet - but we can have his shoes cleaned in-house by our very own Sneaker Cleaning team. Let us take care of the hard part for him. 

To get Dad’s shoes properly cleaned, simply purchase the Online Cleaning Service package of your choice, ship your shoes to us, and relax as the RESHOEVN8R team cleans them and ships them back to your door. 

Here’s a rundown of the six different services offered through the RESHOEVN8R Online Cleaning Service: 

1. Essential RESHOEVN8

The Essential RESHOEVN8 is the most economical of our Online Cleaning Services. This cleaning includes a full clean of the uppers, midsole, soles, and shoelaces. This is a great option for his everyday casual kicks. 

To ensure that your shoes hold their shape, they’ll be shipped back to you fit with RESHOEVN8R Adjustable Shoe Trees. 

Essential RESHOEVN8 

2. Essential RESHOEVN8 Suede

The Essential RESHOEVN8 Suede service is great for those suede wingtips Dad loves to wear. Our expert sneaker cleaner will deep clean Dad’s dress shoes top to bottom, and then use the Dry Suede Kit to make sure the suede is A-1. 

Use this service for all of your suede needs, from Chelsea Boots to Jordan 1s, your suede is in good hands with the Essential RESHOEVN8 Suede service. 

Essential RESHOEVN8 Suede

3. Signature RESHOEVN8

The Signature RESHOEVN8 builds on the deep clean of the Essential RESHOEVN8 with the addition of the RESHOEVN8R Sneaker Laundry System. After Dad’s shoes are expertly cleaned by our staff with RESHOEVN8R Sneaker Cleaning Solution and Brushes, they’ll be flushed out with our Sneaker Laundry System. 

As if that isn’t enough cleaning action, we’ll also use a Suede Eraser to get rid of any stains or damage to suede or nubuck. 

Signature RESHOEVN8 

4. White-Glove RESHOEVN8

The White-Glove RESHOEVN8 is by far the most complete cleaning package offered. If you want Dad’s sneakers to get VIP treatment, look no further than the White Glove service. This top-to-bottom clean includes an insole and lining steam clean, deep shoelace clean, undersole detail and deodorizer treatment, on top of the cleaning offered in the Signature RESHOEVN8 service. 

Once the shoes are fresh and clean, they’ll receive a coat of Water + Stain Repellent to keep Dad’s shoes looking fresh for longer. 

White-Glove RESHOEVN8 

5. Un-Yellowing Clear Bottoms

Dad’s favorite J’s looking yellow instead of icy? Look no further than RESHOEVN8R’s Un-Yellowing service for clear soles. 

RESHOEVN8R’s sneaker restoration experts will use RESHOEVN8R Sole Revive to clear up those icy soles, remove oxidation, and get rid of yellowing. 

Un-Yellowing (Clear)

6. Un-Yellowing Rubber

The RESHOEVN8R Un-Yellowing service for rubber is the same great service performed on icy soles, but for solid rubber soles that have yellowed over time. No need to fret over yellowing, Dad’s soles will be looking bright white in no time at all. 

Un-Yellowing (Rubber)

It's a No Brainer

Don’t let Dad’s sneakers suffer any longer. Instead of getting on his case about cleaning his own shoes, grab him another beer and ship his shoes off to RESHOEVN8R for a professional clean with our Online Cleaning Service. 

We’ll do the hard work for you. 

(ps, if you want to take credit for cleaning the shoes yourself, we won’t tell Dad). 

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