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Gifting Guide for Mother's Day

We know what Mom really wants

Don’t know what to get your mom? You’re in luck…Reshoevn8r has everything you need to make this Mother’s Day the best yet. 

Above all, your mom deserves to feel confident. This year, give her the gift of clean shoes. Nothing builds confidence like a sparkling pair of kicks to compliment the perfect outfit. 

You might be saying “But my mom doesn’t like sneakers, why would I buy her shoe cleaner?” 

Reshoevn8r has products to clean all types of shoes. So whether your mom needs to freshen up her heels for a night out, or her sneakers for casual day to day wear, we have what she needs. 

Here are four things your mom would love to unwrap on Mother's Day.

1. Dry Suede Kit

The Dry Suede Kit from Reshoevn8r is the perfect tool to clean up those suede heels your mom has been saving for a special night out. 

Using the Dry Suede Kit is extremely easy, too. Just take the included Suede Eraser and use it to erase any stains on the suede…think of it like you’re using a pencil eraser. Then once you’ve erased and removed any of the staining with the Suede Eraser, use the included Suede Brush to brush off the heels and reset the nap of the suede. 

Dry Suede Kit


Why we like it: It’s so simple, and doesn’t leave a mess (which you know your mom will appreciate). 

2. Signature Kit

Whether your mom is into hyped sneakers or likes to keep it really casual, the Signature Shoe Cleaning Kit is a must-have to keep her shoes clean at all times. 

The Signature Kit provides the tools to perform an overall deep clean.

Included with the Signature Kit is a 4 oz bottle of our Cleaning Solution, our Three Brush Pack, a Sneaker Laundry Bag, a Microfiber Towel, and a pair of Adjustable Shoe Trees. 

Signature Kit


Why we like it: This all-in-one kit gives your mom everything she needs to deep clean her sneakers from top to bottom, from the uppers to the soles and everything in between. 

3. Water + Stain Repellant

If your mom is always on the go, then look no further than our Water + Stain Repellant. It’s compatible with almost any shoe, and provides exceptional protection against water damage, staining, and other liquids. 

Water + Stain Repellant


Why we like it: It’s easy to apply (takes just minutes) and gives the peace of mind that your shoes are covered 24/7. 

4. Sneaker Wipes

Reshoevn8r Sneaker Wipes are the perfect on-the-go cleaning companion. They are extremely portable and highly effective. Next time your mom is in a pinch, she’ll be thankful she has a stash of Sneaker Wipes in her purse. 

Sneaker Wipes


Why we like it: The Sneaker Wipes feature two different sides, a smooth side for easy messes, and a textured side to wipe away more difficult stains. 

Now for the fun part, make your picks and watch your mom's face light up when she opens her new cleaning gear from Reshoevn8r.

Don't see something here for your mom? Head on over to to find the perfect gift. Trust us, we have something for everyone! 

RESHOEVN8R is committed to helping mothers everywhere. We invite you to join us in helping out mothers in need by purchasing RESHOEVN8R products. Five percent of all sales on Mother’s Day will be donated to help both local mothers in Phoenix through Chrysalis, and mothers in Colombia in partnership with the Juanfe Fundacion.

Happy shopping, and Happy Mother's day! Say "Hi" to your mom for us. 

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