Holiday Gift ideas for EVERY Sneakerhead

Holiday Gift ideas for EVERY Sneakerhead

The official gifting guide for all the sneakerheads in your life! 

Holiday product line up 

With the Holiday season right around the corner it's time to start buying presents for your friends and loved ones. The act of gift giving is one of the most important things a person can do for the people that they love. Getting someone a present that they will use on a day to day basis or has deep connection behind it shows your friend or loved one that you care about them through your actions and not just our words. We often express how much we love and care about them with our words, but it is rare we do something that actively shows them that we care. Just like people always say actions speak louder than words and there is no better way of showing people you care then through the act of gift giving!

With this being said most of us need to show that we care on a budget. Buying presents for every family member and close friends starts to add up really really fast, so we are going to give you some budget friendly Reshoevn8r products for you to get a Sneakerhead in your life that they will absolutely love this holiday season!


The Original Cleaning Kit: Better known as the perfect on the go cleaning kit! 

Original Kit product image

This kit has our signature Cleaning Solution, Medium Bristle Brush, and six Sneaker Cleaning Wipes. This kit is simple yet effective, giving you just what you need to give your worn down shoes a brand new look and feel while also giving you the ability to clean your shoes on the go.

The Sneaker Wipes make on the go cleaning easy. The dual sided wipes allow you to easily remove scuffs from the rubber midsoles and give your leather a quick freshen up! While the Cleaning Solution and Medium Bristle Brush allow you to give your sneakers a deeper clean from home. 

The OG Kit can clean 50 pairs of shoes for just $20! Add it in the stocking or wrap it for under the tree. 

Also... If you picked up a pair of shoes for anyone on the list; pair it with this kit! 


 The Essentials for all sneaker cleanings... 

Holiday kit

The Reshoevn8r Essential Kit is another great option ,but is for the more serious sneakerhead. With this kit you are given the Reshoevn8r signature Cleaning Solution, the 3 different Brushes and a Microfiber Towel to clean up all the dirt and grime coming off of your shoes. 

The 3 different brushes provide a deeper and more effective clean. The Essential Kit works on a wide variety of different materials from leather to suede and even nubuck! 

This is the perfect kit to have in the collection and will give you what you and your fellow sneakerheads need to keep your rotation looking clean! 

Looking for stocking stuffers? 

Repellent wrapped image

We also have the perfect stocking stuffer with the Reshoevn8r Sneaker Wipes. It comes with 12 sneaker cleaning wipes that can get off scuffs, stains, and dirt anytime and anywhere! They are perfect to keep with you on the go and a very affordable way to keep your shoes clean!


Another amazing stocking stuffer is the Reshoevn8r Water and Stain Repellent. This product prevents any egg nog or apple cider from ruining your new pair of shoes. These products make excellent Stocking stuffers for anyone who wants to keep their shoes squeaky clean!

Product holiday

Happy Holidays From the Reshoevn8r Family! And don't forget to shop our spectacular Black Friday Deals!

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