How Reshoevn8r Came to Be: An Interview With Mr. Reshoevn8r

How Reshoevn8r Came to Be: An Interview With Mr. Reshoevn8r

Reshoevn8r has stood tall as the authority in the sneaker game since 2010 when we launched back on August 8th. However, the journey to getting here was not an easy one for Stephen Grear, better known as Mr. Reshoevn8r. 



The Motivation Behind the Brand: 

The brand started as an idea based on the struggles of trying to keep my favorite sneakers cleaned using household items. The motivation for the brand came from a saying that my mom instilled in me since I was a child. Her words taught me that sneakers are more than just a material item. Clean sneakers affect the way you feel and that inspired me the most to start Reshoevn8r. 

I started cleaning sneakers when I was young to extend the life of the sneakers my mom purchased for me as a child. The new shoe feeling was one that made this less of a chore and more of a want. I cleaned my sneakers how everyone else did with a toothbrush, some dish soap and maybe some baking soda if we had it. The more my love for sneakers grew the more inventive I had to get. I would use the washing machine for a deeper clean by putting my shoes in a pillow case and knotting it as hard as I could. It would result in clean shoes for sure, but using a butter knife to remove knots from the pillow case got old real fast. 

All the struggles of trying to keep my favorite shoes clean ultimately pushed me to get to work on building a sneaker cleaning empire and that is when my dream became a reality. 

A look back to 2010: 

The brand started as 4 employees working out of house which sounds crazy, but 14 years later three of those guys are STILL the masterminds behind the name. We started by creating some simple kits with our iconic black and blue branding, but the main focus was creating the first ever patented sneaker laundry system. This product was created to make washing sneakers in the washing machine and easy process. Also, one where you didn't have to fight with knotted pillow cases, worry about damage or worry about mediocre results. Once all that was created it was time to continue to revolutionize the shoe cleaning game. 



The 14 year Journey to today:

Throughout the last 14 years we have tripled our product line up and continue to launch new products every year. However, what truly grew the brand to where it is today is the attention to details, creative content and a drive to give everyone the opportunity to wear clean kicks with confidence. Our social media journey started just over 7 years ago with our Youtube channel and the addition of Vick Almighty, a restoration genius. Since then we have released over 1100 tutorial based cleaning, restoration and customization videos and now have a community of over 1.6M subscribers every week. Outside of Youtube we have grown our Instagram and Tiktok with exclusive content, discounts, giveaways and more. So if you're reading this here is your sign to follow us right now! 



We have also expanded our markets across the world to the UK, Europe, Canada, Mexico and more. We have partnered with hundreds of retailers to get our products into stores and make it easily accessible to purchase. You can now find us in stores like Foot Locker, local sneaker shops and we even launched our seasonal product with Costco! We also have our very own brick and motor located in Phoenix, AZ where you can drop off your sneakers for our shoe care specialist to care for. You could say it came a long way from working out of a garage in Tucson, Arizona. However, we are just getting started! 



Our Online Cleaning Service, Executive Club and Clean Guarantee are just some things we are expanding on. Just wait for the next round of RESHOEVN8R. 


 What the Community Means to the brand: 

The sneaker community means more to the brand than we can explain. We love to have the opportunity to educate the entire community through our Youtube channel and additional social media platforms. We also have had the chance for the last 10 years to travel with Sneakercon and meet everyone at the shows across the world. The sneaker community is a growing entity and we are grateful to be a part of it.

We maintain the community by being consistent. We are consistently showing up for our community by being active on social media and at sneaker shows. One huge way we connect with the community is by working with a number of different retailers, partners, influencers and affiliates all over the world. Locally we offer a Drop off Cleaning Service to help Phoenix residents with all of their cleaning needs. 

We build the community by consistently working with new partners, influencers and affiliates. From the smallest following to the biggest; we are always reaching out and prioritizing life changing long term partnerships.

Our latest partnership for the community would be our Heart and Sole Campaign that we launched for the 2024 event season with Sneakercon and Bata Sole. We are looking to donate 2500 shoes to communities around the Philippines in January of 2025. Help us give those in need the chance to own proper footwear and wear their shoes with confidence. 


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