How To Clean 18 Year Old Michigan Dunk Highs with Reshoevn8r

How To Clean 18 Year Old Michigan Dunk Highs with Reshoevn8r

What’s going on everybody! We are back with a brand new sneaker cleaning tutorial blog. Today we are going to give you a step by step tutorial on how to clean a pair of 2003 Nike Dunk Highs in the “Michigan” colorway. Considering these sneakers are 17 almost 18 years old they are not in terrible condition but we are going to show you how to make them look brand new!  

Today we will be using our Essential Shoe Cleaning Kit which is a must have for all shoe lovers!

Now before I get started I have noticed that they both are experiencing separation on the midsole. We're going to have to be careful on these. The only way to start cleaning your sneaker is by adjusting our shoe tree to fit the size of the sneaker you are cleaning. Next, you put it in there and lock it in place and now you can put plenty of pressure on that toe box. You also won't have to worry about creases. The next step is to take out the laces and we'll get started on the cleaning.

Once the shoes are unlaced, set the laces to the side. We're going to go ahead and get started on these uppers. Throw two squirts of our solution in there and then we're going to take our soft bristle brush and get started cleaning the uppers. Because these are an older leather shoe, I am not sure how the material is going to react. The sneaker could bleed. Before you get into the cleaning process, make sure to test it out to make sure that won’t happen! I don't notice any bleeding or color transfer so we're going to go ahead and hit the entire uppers with the soft bristle brush

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Now that they are cleaned, uppers are looking nice and clean again and no further separation was caused. The next step is going to be to move on to the midsole. I usually would use our medium brush but because this is just an unpainted rubber midsole we are going to go ahead and use the stiff brush to get all these deep stains out.

The midsoles are looking pretty clean. However, there are still some stains on the midsole. A cool trick that you can use without using the stiff brush is you can take your towel, put your finger in it, dip it in the solution and then you can use that to almost rub away those stains and you're getting them nice and clean. You can use this for any part of the shoe this doesn't just apply to midsoles. If you're having issues with stains on the uppers and tongue areas stuff like that you can use this method for anything and it works wonders! The midsoles are looking nice and white again. Next we are going to go ahead and move on to the soles and we'll be using our Stiff Bristle Brush. After that the soles of the sneakers should be looking pristine.

The next step is with the laces. So put shoes to the side, take your laces and your bowl with solution and water and then just dip them in, get them nice and soapy and then just rub them between your hands.

Now the laces are done, take our microfiber towel and start drying them. Do this a few different times to get the excess water and solution out of the laces. After that, you can let them air dry for the rest of the time you are cleaning.

Now that we are done cleaning this Dunk, we are going to let the sneakers and the laces dry up a little bit and the comeback when they 100% dry. Now that they are completely dry, we are going to go ahead and lace the sneakers back up and they are ready to be worn!

Well, that is all for today’s cleaning tutorial blog. Don’t forget that if you want to check out the video of this cleaning tutorial, head over to our YouTube channel! We hope that you enjoyed the cleaning of this Michigan Nike SB Dunk as much as we did. Have a great rest of your day and happy cleaning!

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