How To Clean: Air Jordan 1 "University Blue"

How To Clean: Air Jordan 1 "University Blue"

What’s going on Reshoevn8tion! We are back with another step-by-step cleaning tutorial blog and today we are giving you the BEST way to clean the new Air Jordan 1 “University Blue''. This sneaker is primarily suede with hints of leather throughout the shoe. The best way to clean this type of suede is with the Reshoevn8r Essential Kit. Without further or due, let’s get into it!

Step 1: As always, we are going to remove the laces from the sneaker. 

Step 2: Next, you are going to take your adjustable Shoe Tree and adjust it to the size of your sneaker. 

Step 3: Fill our Drying Rack and Bowl Combo with water and add two squirts of our Cleaning Solution in the bowl.  

Step 4: To begin cleaning the shoe, you are going to take our Soft Bristle Brush and dunk it into your bowl of cleaning solution and water. Then you will begin cleaning the upper of the sneaker. 

Step 5: To make sure the suede is not bleeding, take your Microfiber Towel and pat the suede down to get the excess water off the shoe. 

Step 6: To clean the midsole of the sneaker, you are going to take our Medium Bristle Brush and begin cleaning around the entire sneaker until you get the results you desire.  

Step 7: Now, to clean the outsole of the sneaker, you are going to need our Stiff Bristle Brush and begin cleaning until all of the grime is gone. If there are tight spaces that the Stiff Bristle Brush could not get into, take one of our Sneaker Wipes and get in there!

Step 8: Set out to air dry. Never put any of your sneakers in the dryer as it could cause separation of the sole. 

Step 9: Dunk your laces into the water and solution combination and rub in your hands as you watch all of the dirt come out.

 Step 10: Once the sneaker is dry, you are going to notice the suede is crunchy. To get it back to that smooth suede, take our Dry Suede Kit brush and hit it in multiple directions to reset the nap.

 Step 11: Rock your fresh Uni Blue 1s!

Now you are able to confidently clean your Jordan 1 University Blue’s! You can also check out our Youtube channel for this cleaning. If you are looking to purchase any of the products that we discussed in today’s cleaning tutorial, head to our website to view our full collection! 

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