The Best Way To Clean White Common Project Bball Low Tops with Reshoevn8r

The Best Way To Clean White Common Project Bball Low Tops with Reshoevn8r

Hey everyone! Johnny bubbles here with a new cleaning tutorial for you guys. The shoes I'm cleaning today are the Common Project B-Ball lows. As you can see in the image above, they had definitely seen better days.

The first step is to put about 4 ounces of water in your bowl and add 2 squirts of the cleaning solution as well. As always, the next step is to insert your shoe tree. This allows us to apply more pressure on the toe box for a deeper clean and it's also going to reduce creasing while keeping the shoe’s original form.

Next, remove the shoelaces and set them aside. 

I'm going to use our soft bristle brush on the upper as the material is a quality suede. You won’t damage the shoe by pressing down while cleaning, you could feel the bristles really working, it's also not going to snag the suede.

Let's check out how the upper is looking by wiping it down with the new microfiber towel. The upper is looking amazing, now we are going to clean the midsole. In order to get a deeper scrub, we are going to use the medium bristle brush. there is a huge difference within the cleaning with the medium bristle brush, it has more bristles and a bigger handle for better control. Using the microfiber towel, wipe down the midsole completely to really see that clean midsole, if you see any marks, feel free to repeat the midsole cleaning process.

The next thing to clean on this shoe is going to be the outsole. For this area, I'm going to use our stiff bristle brush. Once that is fully scrubbed, go ahead and wipe it down.

The last step is to clean the shoe laces and all you have to do is dip it into our bowl of solution, get them all nice and bubbly, scrub them, and run them through the microfiber towel.

Once the shoe has dried off completely, reset the nap on the suede with the medium bristle brush by brushing it in multiple directions and not applying too much pressure. Make sure you get to the point where you can see it transition from to light to dark and that that material is buttery.

That's about it for this tutorial, remember I was able to achieve these results using our signature kit, our cleaning mat, and our collapsible bowl. You can find all of these products here on our website

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