How To Clean Converse

How To Clean Converse

The Chuck Taylor High Tops have been popular for a long time and their style remains relevant even in 2020. Easy to wear and style, the Converse sneaker is often exposed to a variety of stains, and with their white canvas material they can start looking dingy quickly. But with only a few steps you can get your Converse High Tops looking brand new!


Remove the laces and set aside to clean later. Then take your shoe tree and insert in the sneaker. This will give you a better surface to apply more pressure while you are cleaning your shoes.


Using an all-natural, dye free cleaner, add a small amount to a bowl filled with water. (Many shoe cleaners on the market are known to stain shoes due to dye or chemicals, we recommend using this sneaker cleaner.)


In order to mix the solution, take a delicate brush and lightly stir the solution using the bristles. Once mixed, you can apply the solution to the Chuck Taylor using the soft brush in circular motions over the entire uppers.


Then, go back over the uppers using a brush with slightly stiffer bristles. The stiffer bristles helps loosen some dirt that the soft brush couldn’t get. Also, with the medium brush you can scrub the midsoles in a back and forth motion to remove trapped dirt.


Once the entire upper has been cleaned, you can move onto the soles, cleaning them with a very stiff brush. The soles are likely to have the most dirt and grime, and when that gets trapped in the Converse’s deep grooves you need to use a brush that has tough bristles.


The final step of the pretreat is to take the shoe laces that you set aside and dunk them in the remaining solution mixture and lather by rubbing them in between your hands, then placing them into the laundry bag.


After the shoe has been pretreated, you can use a microfiber towel and pat the entire shoe down to see if you missed any spots. 


Then place the Converse into a laundry bag, and then put in the washing machine with alcohol and dye free detergent and cold water on a normal setting. This step is important for canvas sneakers due to their tight fabric, where dirt can easily get trapped, the washing machine is the only way to fully clean them.

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