How to clean a leather purse with RESHOEVN8R.

How to Clean a Leather Purse at Home | Designer

Did you know that RESHOEVN8R can clean more than shoes? While we’re big advocates for taking care of your shoes, RESHOEVN8R is perfect for cleaning your favorite purse or handbag. 

Today we’re teaching you how to clean a leather purse with the Essential Kit. In the video above, you’ll also see us tackle a canvas handbag, as well as some suede heels. Stay tuned for another blog coming soon that details the best method to clean your heels with RESHOEVN8R.

This is the best way to clean a leather purse at home

Whether you’re into Gucci, Louis, or Prada, RESHOEVN8R’s all purpose Solution is the best way to clean your leather purse. Our Solution is made from Coconut and Jojoba Oils so it conditions your purse as you clean. 

The RESHOEVN8R Essential Kit is the perfect purse-cleaning companion. The three premium brushes and all-natural Solution are both effective and gentle to keep your leather purse clean and supple. 

Cleaning the exterior

In order to properly clean the exterior of your leather purse you need to:

  1. Squirt two squirts of Solution into a bowl of water. Our Solution is concentrated so that a little goes a long way. Your bottle should yield 50-60 uses. If you don’t want to use one of your Mom’s cereal bowls, try out our Drying Rack/Bowl combo.  
  2.  Scrub the exterior and handles with the Soft Bristle Brush.  This brush is the softest in our arsenal and won’t damage your leather.  Make sure to scrub the handles, this is the most touched part of your purse! 
  3.  Remove any deeper stains with the Medium Bristle Brush.  A stiffer brush works to agitate and remove deeper stains.  
  4.  Pat the purse dry with the Microfiber Towel.

Cleaning the inside of your leather purse

  1. Scrub the inside of your purse with the Soft Bristle Brush.  Make sure to get inside all of the pockets.  
  2. Use the Medium Brush on any deeper stains you see. The inside of your purse is probably more messy than the outside. 
  3. Pat the purse dry with the Microfiber Towel.

Protect and Condition your leather purse

Now that your leather purse is clean, how can you keep it that way? The secret to any clean purse is our flagship Water + Stain Repellent. It provides around the clock protection for your purse, inside and out.

What if my leather purse feels dry or rough? 

RESHOEVN8R Mink Oil is your best friend when it comes to conditioning leather purses. A thin coat of Mink Oil will keep your leather purse hydrated, moisturized, and lush. 


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