Nike SB Mummy Dunks feature a glow-in-the-dark sole.

How to Clean Dirty Dunks

Nike Dunk Low Deep Clean — Canvas & Suede

As one of the most popular shoes ever, it's only right that we teach you how to clean Dunks. Set aside what you think you might know about the best way to clean your Nike Dunks, and enjoy this free lesson from our Shoe Care Academy. 

You know what? It's almost Halloween, so we'll make this a little more interesting. Instead of cleaning your everyday Panda Dunk, we're going to tackle one of the best themed shoes ever, the Nike SB Mummy Dunks. This shoe is primarily made of canvas, but there are some suede accents that will give you trouble if you're not careful. 

Are you ready to learn how to clean Dunks the right way? Follow along with the video above, then read on to learn more about the nuances of using the RESHOEVN8R Signature Kit for the most effective clean of your shoes. 

Here at RESHOEVN8R it's our mission to give you a better way to clean your shoes. Once you see the results, you'll understand what clean REALLY means

What you need: 

The tools you'll need to clean your Dunks may vary depending on the mileage on your shoes, but for most cleanings the Signature Kit and Laundry Pods should provide the best clean possible. 

With both of these shoe care tools in your arsenal, you're not only ready to tackle your dirty Dunks; you're prepared to handle any dirty shoe in your collection. 

Signature Kit

Say Goodbye to Dirt Dunks

Laundry Pods

The secret behind our Patented Laundry System. 

How to start

The first step to clean Dunks is to remove the shoelaces and insert the Adjustable Shoe Tree. This will allow you to properly clean the toe box of your Dunks, and prevent them from creasing throughout the process. 

Start by cleaning the uppers with your Soft Bristle Brush and Solution. This brush is best for delicate materials, such as the canvas on our Mummy Dunks. Once the shoe is sufficiently soapy, wipe it down with you Microfiber Towel, then proceed to the next step. 

Grab your Medium Brush and really attack that midsole. Often the midsole is the dirtiest part of your shoe outside of the sole. This brush is slightly stiffer than the Soft Brush, which should allow you to agitate those deeper stains. 

Your Dunks are looking better already, right? Now it's time to take on the outsole. Yes, this will get dirty again as soon as you rock your shoes, but it's more satisfying to take care of the entire shoe rather than forsake the outsole. It deserves some love, too! Grab your Stiff Brush and get into every crack and crevice of the outsole. 

Pro Tip: Use a screwdriver or pick to remove any gunk that is stuck in the traction pattern of your Dunks. 

If your shoelaces and insole are nasty, give them a couple passes with the Soft Brush. Congrats, you've made it to the end of your pre-treatment. Onto the next step! 

How to finish 

No true deep clean is complete without the Patented Laundry System. Unfamiliar? I'll introduce you; our Sneaker Laundry Bag and Sneaker Laundry Detergent work in tandem with your washer to flush out any remaining dirt and remove deeper stains. 

This step is extremely simple, but will have the most profound impact on your shoes. Simply load the shoes and laces into the Laundry Bag, insert a Laundry Pod, and put them in the washer for a full cycle with cold water. 

After about 24 hours of air-dry time, your Dunks should look as good as new! 

What if my Dunks have suede, too?

The Mummy Dunks we worked on have a suede Swoosh, and your pair of Dunks might, too. The only thing you should do differently is use the Dry Suede Kit to reset the nap on the suede. The Eraser and Brush will make your suede stain-free and buttery soft in only a few minutes. 

No Tricks, only Treats! 

Just check out these results. No, this isn't a trick; you can make your Dunks look this good. Treat your shoes with the RESHOEVN8R Signature Kit and watch them come back to life right before your eyes. 

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