How To Clean New Balance 997 Aimé Leon Dore With Reshoevn8r

How To Clean New Balance 997 Aimé Leon Dore With Reshoevn8r

What's going on guys, Johnny Bubbles back with another cleaning tutorial. We are going to clean these New Balances that are super cooked. New Balance did a collaboration with Aimé Leon and as you guys know the vibrant colors are what they are known for. Some of the products we are going to be using are the new cleaning mat, which is my new favorite product. It's gonna help keep the area nice and clean and soak up all the water. Next is our reengineered microfiber towel, which does well wiping down the shoes without leaving any lint. Lastly, we're gonna be using the essential kit, which comes with our soft brush, our stiff brush, and our medium brush along with the 4-ounce bottle solution.

The first step is to remove the laces and then insert the adjustable shoe tree. This is going to allow the shoe to get its form back, help with decreasing, and allow me to apply more pressure on this toe box and get this material really clean.

Next, let’s grab our bottle of cleaning solution, open it up, and add just a couple of squirts into our bowl. Quick tip, this shoe is predominantly made out of dyed suede, you want to make sure anytime you are cleaning suede you don't want to over saturate the material. This can cause color bleeding, so do be careful when it comes to cleaning premium materials. If at any time during the cleaning you experience color bleeding or discoloration, you may want to pause and not continue cleaning the shoe.

We're going to start the cleaning with our soft bristle brush, dip it in the bowl, shake off the excess solution, and begin scrubbing with a light circular motion. Once you’ve done a pass-through, wipe the uppers down using the microfiber towel to see if there are any spots that need more attention.

Moving onto the midsole, using the medium bristle brush, let’s go ahead and repeat the same steps we did for the uppers.

The last step when it comes to cleaning the shoe itself is the outsole. Take the stiff brush and get it nice and soaked. You can apply more pressure when it comes to the outsole as this is the area of the shoe that takes the most beating.

Finally, when you have the shoe all nice and cleaned, set it aside and place your laces in the bowl of water and solution mixture. Make sure to get them nice and soapy, if you want to leave them in there for a few minutes to allow the soap to penetrate, by all means. You can then take the laces and scrub them between your hands or take the microfiber towel and wring them out.

Then allowing the shoes and laces to dry, take the medium bristle brush, and smooth over the suede to reset the texture and really give it that new shoe looks again. That's gonna go do it for this tutorial, for more Shoe Care Academy visit our Youtube channel and to purchase any of the products used for this cleaning visit our website.

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