Make your AF1's white again with Reshoevn8r, the best shoe cleaner in the world.

How to Clean Your All White Air Force 1's | Good As New

All White Air Force 1’s | Cleaning Tutorial

The best sneaker cleaner in the world is definitely being put to the test for this one…

All white Air Force 1’s never go out of style…unless of course your pair looks like this. Nothing is worse than dirtying your favorite pair of all white kicks.

If your all white Air Force 1’s are anything but white, you’re in desperate need of a Reshoevn8.

Never fear, Vick is here and up for the challenge; can Reshoevn8r sneaker cleaning products make these nasty Air Force 1’s look brand new again?

Let’s find out.

More Stains than a Hardware Store

Vick started off with the Medium Brush (from our Three Brush Pack) to remove the caked on substances (ketchup, mustard, and who knows what) from the surface of the shoe.

Then Vick switched to the stiff brush to further scrape away at the dirt, grime, and debris.

Now that we’ve chipped away at the caked-on mess, we can start breaking down the rest of this dirt with some Reshoevn8r Cleaning Solution

A preliminary scrub with the cleaning solution and Soft Bristle Brush was enough to clean up a lot of the surface area, as well as soften the laces enough to pull them (we’ll clean the laces separately later on).

After giving the upper, sockliner, and tongue a scrub with the Soft Bristle Brush, go ahead and move on to the Medium Brush to give the shoes an even deeper clean. 

Vick went to town with the Medium Bristle Brush to try and remove some of the remaining yellow stains, and then used the Stiff Bristle Brush to scrub the rubber outsole.

Pro tip: A pick or exacto knife makes quick work of any hard to reach areas in the outsole.

Cleaning your own pair is just as simple. Use the Reshoevn8r Cleaning Solution and follow the natural progression of the brushes. Start soft, and then move up in stiffness as needed. 

Laundry Day

Now that the shoes have been fully pretreated, stick the shoe, insole, and laces into the Laundry Bag, and throw them right into the washer for a full wash cycle on cold. And don’t forget to throw in a Reshoevn8r Laundry Detergent Pod for extra sneaker cleansing action. 

The Reshoevn8r Laundry System did a great job, but those mustard stains have some staying power. Luckily we can use Sole Revive to remove the yellow mustard stains for good.

Vick applied the Sole Revive to the upper and midsole, wrapped the sneakers in Saran Wrap, and left them out in the Sun to soak up some UV rays.

Finally, those nasty mustard stains are gone. These things are looking better by the minute.

White on White

To make these pop even more, Vick removed the old finish with some rubbing alcohol and cotton balls, and gave the Air Force 1’s a fresh coat of bright white paint. 

Most of you can skip this step; unless your pair is scraped to the max, you shouldn’t need a fresh coat of paint.

Trusty lint shaver in hand, Vick finished up with some detail work and cleaned up the tongue tag and sock liner, because it’s the small details that make a big difference. 

All Clean

Thanks to Vick you now have the perfect recipe for cleaning your own pair of all white Air Force 1’s. 

And if you don’t have the time to freshen up your AF1’s, you can take advantage of our premium Online Shoe Cleaning Service. Drop by or send them in for a full Reshoevn8 done by our expert staff. 

Want more sneaker cleaning tutorials? Click on over to our blog or Youtube channel to learn more about keeping your sneakers fresh and clean.

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