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Off-White Air Force 1 Restoration - From Trash to Treasure

How to Make Your Off-White Air Force 1's as Good as New

Your most prized kicks deserve to stay clean, let us show you how to restore them using Reshoevn8r's top sneaker cleaning products. All you need to clean your own AF1s is the RESHOEVN8R Signature Shoe Cleaning Kit. It contains literally everything you need to perform a deep clean of your favorite AF1s, Off-Whites, or Dunks. 

If your pair of Off-White Air Force 1’s are looking a little too ‘off-white’, then you need some serious help. 

Thankfully, Vick Almighty is here to help, and show you exactly how you can get your Off-White Air Force 1’s looking brand new again. 

We're believers that no shoe is ever too far gone. With a little patience, love, and the best sneaker cleaner in the world, any pair of Air Force 1s can look brand new again, thanks to RESHOEVN8R. 

Sole Power

Let's start with the sole. Vick used a pick to clean out any junk, dirt, and grime from the outsole. For sticky substances like gum, Vick applied some goo-gone and then got after it with a pick. 

In order to properly restore the soles to their original icy state, the soles need to be as clean as possible before applying the Sole Revive. Vick used Reshoevn8r solution and the Brass Bristle Brush to get the soles cleaned and prepped.

Now we’re ready for the Sole Revive. Vick applied a thin coat to the entire outsole with a small brush, making sure to coat the ins and outs of the traction pattern. After wrapping the soles in Saran Wrap, these babies are ready for a UV spa day in the ‘Vick 2000.’ A few days under the powerful UV rays of the ‘Vick 2000’ reveals promising results. 

With the majority of the yellowing now gone, Vick reapplied the Sole Revive for one final run through the UV tent. After 5 days total, these things are looking ICY. 

It’s important to note that after 12-15 hours, the Sole Revive dries up. For best results, Vick reapplied the Sole Revive after each day before putting them back under the UV. 

Deep Clean

Moving on to the rest of the shoe, Vick relied on the Reshoevn8r Signature Kit to restore the upper and midsoles. Soft bristle brush in hand, Vick used Reshoevn8r solution to scrub the upper, midsole, tongue, and insole. 

Vick then hit the shoes with the medium bristle brush, to further clean and remove any dirt and grime that the soft bristle brush had trouble breaking down. 

After a solid round of pretreatment to remove surface dirt and debris, it's time to throw them in the washing machine for a full wash cycle. Vick bagged them up in the laundry bag and threw in some Reshoevn8r laundry pods for some extra cleansing power. 

Once out of the wash, Vick threw the sneakers back into the indoor UV setup for 24 hours to remove any remaining yellowing on the upper.

Finishing Touches

After using the Brass Bristle Brush to reset the nap of the suede and lacing them back up, this pair of Off-White Air Force 1’s is ready to show off. The RESHOEVN8R Brass Bristle Brush can be used on any pair of suede shoes to reset the nap of the suede and make it soft again. Just make sure that you don't use it on any other delicate materials, to avoid causing damage. 

Reshoevn8r: 1, Yellowing: 0

The moment of truth; a before and after comparison to show off just how well the Reshoevn8r sneaker cleaning products worked on this once-yellowed Off-White Air Force 1. 

The results speak for themselves. We’ll chalk this up as a victory for Reshoevn8r, and an L for dirt, grime, and yellowing.

How to Clean Off-White Air Force 1 - Recap

  1. Remove the shoelaces and insert the Adjustable Shoe Tree.
  2. Pour Sneaker Cleaning Solution into the water.
  3. Scrub the uppers of the shoe with the Soft Bristle Brush and Solution.
  4. Scrub the midsole with the Medium Bristle Brush and Solution.
  5. Scrub the outsole with the Stiff Bristle Brush and Solution.
  6. Unyellow the soles with Sole Revive.
  7. Put the shoes and shoelaces in the laundry bag with laundry detergent and throw in the washing machine. 
  8. Let the shoes and laces air dry
  9. Re-lace your Air Force 1s and rock them with confidence. 

Cleaning Air Force 1s

Now that you've learned how to use RESHOEVN8R products on the Off-White Air Force 1, you're ready to clean your own pair. But the tricks we taught you here aren't just useful on Off-White Air Force 1s...you can use them on your all-white Air Force 1s as well. 

If anything, cleaning your all-white Air Force 1s should be easier than cleaning the Off-White Air Force 1s due to the difference in materials. Regardless of what pair of Air Forces is your favorite, the RESHOEVN8R Signature Shoe Cleaning Kit is the easiest way to clean ANY pair of Air Force 1s. 

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