How To Clean Satin Sneakers with Reshoevn8r

How To Clean Satin Sneakers with Reshoevn8r

Satin can be a delicate material due to the thin nature of it. Which means there is always a chance for snagging, ripping or overall damage. In order to avoid this on your favorite pair of satin shoes; follow these simple steps. 

Today Mr. Reshoevn8r himself will walk you through a full step by step tutorial on how to tackle the satin uppers of the Bred Jordan 1 that released last year. Now this was a highly requested video, but if you are more of a reader, we will break it down here for you too. 

The pretreatment: 

Now the pair you see us clean up was absolutely caked with mud, don't worry yours won't look like this.. We hope. To kick it off Steve took the sneaker outside to dry brush and beat off any of the loose dirt that was on the uppers. The key benefit of dry brushing your shoes prior to cleaning is that you won't be pushing the dirt deeper into the materials. This step is a must for materials such as satin, suede, nubuck, mesh, knit or canvas. After hitting the shoe on a hard surface a couple times he moved over to the Medium Bristle Brush to finish the job. One other reason that this is beneficial is because it avoids making a muddy mess on your cleaning mat during the cleaning. After all if they cleaning mat is dirty you will 100% have a harder time cleaning the shoe. 

Once the dry brush method was completed it was time to tackle the rest of the grime using the Reshoevn8r Ultimate Cleaning Kit. Mr. Reshoevn8r added 2 squirts of the all natural, non-dyed Solution to a 4 ounce bowl of water and began scrubbing the uppers.  The Soft Bristle Brush works great on delicate materials to keep them safe from snags while still creating all the bubbles needed to break down the surface dirt. After he moved onto the Medium and Stiff Bristle Brush to complete the job on the midsole and outsole. 

The Patented Laundry System: 

After the dirt was removed it was time to use the Laundry System. The Laundry System may not be necessary if your shoes aren't super dirty, but for these it was. There was some deeper staining on the materials that were trapped and also mud trapped within the hard stitch of the midsole. The patented Laundry System is the key for mesh, knit, canvas, nylon etc. However, one HUGE benefit of the Laundry System is that it helps clean stitching really well! We washed this show on a normal cycle with cold water and then allowed the shoe to air dry. When drying shoes you can set them in front of a fan or use the sun for the best results. IF you live in Arizona or a hotter part of the country do NOT leave your shoe outside for more than 15 minutes it can cause damage. 

Once the shoe was dry it was time to lace it up and put it back on feet. Cleaning satin is easy if you have the right tools. Our Ultimate Kit is a must; plus it is marked down over $40 RIGHT NOW! 

Watch the Video: 


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