How to paint an Air Jordan 3 midsole.

How to Paint Midsoles — AJ3 Midsole Repaint

Not every shoe needs a full-blown restoration. Sure, you’ve seen us deconstruct and reconstruct countless pairs of Air Jordans. But learning how to do a simple midsole repaint is more helpful knowledge, right? 

Today Vick Almighty is here to impart his wisdom on the sneaker world. If you want to learn how to paint midsoles like the GOAT himself, you’re in the right place. We’ll walk you through each step of the painting process so that you have the confidence to do it on your pair of Air Jordans. 

Deal? Deal. Let’s get right into it. 

Smooth Operator 

Midsole Repaint AJ3

Let’s get this out of the way first: Vick makes a midsole repaint look EASY. Vick has trained, practiced, and failed for years, which is why he’s smooth under pressure. It takes a long time to master something like a simple midsole repaint. 

My advice to you? Start slow, learn to fail, and keep working until you’re confident! With that said, the video should provide you with the perfect starting point. 

Prep, prep, and more prep

If you skimp on prep work, you’re setting yourself up to fail right from the jump. While your needs may vary based on the project, any good prep should include...

  • Removal of old paint with Acetone. Vick likes to use cotton balls and Acetone to wipe away the old paint.  
  •  Tape. More on this in a minute. 
  •  Protection. Anytime you work with paint, it’s a good idea to cover up your workstation, wear clothes that you don’t mind splashing with paint, or use an apron. Hear that, Mom? If your kid messes up the table, it’s not our fault; we tried to tell ‘em.

 Underrated: Tape

One of the most critical (yet often overlooked) steps to any solid midsole repaint is the tape job. Vick is the first to admit that a good tape job “covers up a multitude of sins.” The damage from a shaky hand or slip of the brush can be mitigated with proper tape coverage. 

Cover it up if you don’t want to get paint on it.  

Overrated: Beating yourself up for mistakes

Painting a midsole is not something you can pick up in one day and suddenly become a master. It took Vick years of dedicated, persistent work to get to the level he’s at. That said, you're going to mess up — and that’s ok. 

Don’t beat yourself up over the inevitable; paint is only temporary. Wipe it off, start over, and work at it until you’re satisfied. The joy of a job well done is forever. Aim for that, and let the rest fall into place. 

FAQs, Tips, and Best Practices

What kind of paint should I use? 

Vick’s go-to paint is Angelus. They have the best selection of color options!

How do I find the perfect color? 

Trial and error. While some colors are easier to match (blacks, whites), others may require mixing 2, 3, 4, or even five different paints to find the right color combination.

Do I need a clear coat?

To ensure your freshly painted midsole is protected for years, we always suggest finishing the paint job with a clear coat. Vick likes to use Krylon Matte Finisher for most of his projects. 

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