The Nike x Doernbecher Collection allows hospitalized children to design their own shoe.

Highlighting the Best Doernbecher Shoes for International Children's Day

The Nike Doernbecher Project — Best Shoes Designed By Children

It’s International Children’s Day! To highlight all the amazing things children can accomplish, we wanted to show off some of the best sneakers created & designed by children.

For years, the Nike x Doernbecher Collection has served as the ultimate creative outlet for hospitalized children. Each year the heralded program allows a select few patients to design and personalize a shoe. Each unique pair of sneakers tells a personal story of tragedy, triumph, and creativity. 

The Doernbecher Collection has given us some of the most sought-after sneakers ever. Here are some of the best we’ve seen and the stories behind each. 

Air Jordan 1 DB

The Air Jordan 1 Doernbecher from 2008 is one of the most sought after DB shoes. The sneaker was designed by Tony Taylor and featured a beach theme that can be seen throughout the shoe. Taylor’s nickname, Mr. Boober, is embroidered on the tongue tag alongside the phrase “I’m Fresh.” 

Air Jordan 3 DB

Look closely. Can you see it? The diamonds on the Air Jordan 3 Doernbecher  discreetly spell out the name 'Cole.' The AJ3 DB also caters to Cole’s favorite foods — chocolate and spaghetti. This unique take on the Air Jordan 3 is the most sought after DB shoe. 

Air Jordan 4 DB

The Air Jordan 4 Doernbecher is highlighted by the Superman emblem that proudly adorns the tongue tag in place of the traditional Jumpman. Designed by Isaiah Scott, the 2011 AJ4 Doernbecher also features a translucent outsole seldom seen on an Air Jordan 4. 

Air Jordan 6 DB

With every DB shoe comes a great story. The Air Jordan 6 Doernbecher, designed by Jordan Dark, is emblazoned with the dates that mark his first — and last days of chemotherapy treatment. 

Air Jordan 8 DB

You can’t help but notice the inspirational messages that adorn the Air Jordan 8 Doernbecher. Designed by Caden Lampert, the shoe’s bright blue hue is complemented by the shimmery orange and gold accents. The shoe features three inspiring phrases, 'Hang Loose,' 'Rock On,' and 'Brave.'

What’s your favorite Doernbecher shoe?

The Nike Doernbecher Project is still going strong, and isn't slowing down. It's amazing to see the things that children can create when given the platform and tools to do so. 

May we ever be like the children of the DB Project — imaginative, creative, and strong. 

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