Is StockX Legit?

Is StockX Legit?

Is StockX Legit?

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Glad you asked. StockX is an online sneaker marketplace, so knowing whether StockX is a legit place to buy sneakers, watches, streetwear, etc is an honest question. 

If you're going to shell out hundreds or thousands of dollars you need to be certain that the items you are purchasing are authentic and legit. This is why the appeal of StockX is at an all-time high. As the acting middleman between you and a reseller, StockX claims to verify the authenticity of each item you buy. 

Before the item can be sent to you, the people over at StockX must pass it off as authentic. But can things slip through the cracks? Is StockX legit? Let's find out. 

What is StockX?

At its core, StockX is an online marketplace for high-end goods, sneakers, and streetwear. The idea behind StockX was to sell things that are going up in value, an idea similar to trading stocks. 

As a seller this gives you the ability to sell your high-end sneakers and streetwear to a legit buyer who won't scam you. As a buyer, StockX being the middleman protects you against receiving fake or replica goods. 

The company itself was founded in 2015 and went live in 2016. Since inception. StockX has continued to grow and take on new inventory. Recently in 2020 StockX started to dip into the electronics game. Sports cards, watches, and other limited items can also be purchased on StockX. 

Imagine the kid who saves up hundreds of dollars for their first pair of Jordans, only to be scammed by some nobody on eBay, Craigslist, or Facebook Marketplace. This problem happens way too often, and some of you have probably been taken advantage of in this way. 

StockX aims to solve this problem. It's all about protecting the little guys, those who just want to get their hands on their favorite shoe. 

How does StockX Authenticate Sneakers?

StockX claims to authenticate every item, every purchase, every time. But this begs a big question; how does StockX authenticate things such as sneakers? Even StockX themselves have admitted that fakes and counterfeit goods are getting better and better, harder and harder to detect. 

The StockX authentication process is very rigorous. Their list of checkpoints includes 100 data points, and they use the most advanced machine learning possible to aid the authentication process. The following are 6 reasons why StockX's authentication process is legit:

  • Condition. StockX only sells deadstock goods.
  • Construction. That checklist of over 100 points gives StockX the ability to check the construction of each shoe.
  • Packaging. StockX knows the ins-and-outs of retail packaging.
  • Accessories. If your item has accessories, StockX will ensure that they are included. 
  • Advanced Technology. Machine Learning and AI aid in the authentication process. 
  • Quality Assurance. Goods must meet the highest of standards to be passed off. 

As you can see, the authentication process that StockX uses is very rigorous and thorough. However in some circumstances this can be challenge. Many sellers have reported that their items have been returned by StockX and deemed to be counterfeit when in reality they'd just bought the shoes from the Nike store or an authorized retailer. 

Why did NIKE sue StockX?

NIKE claims that StockX has been selling counterfeit NIKE products. Obviously you can see why this would be concerning. StockX's response is telling though:

"We take customer protection extremely seriously, and we’ve invested millions to fight the proliferation of counterfeit products that virtually every global marketplace faces today. Nike’s latest filing is not only baseless but also is curious given that their own brand protection team has communicated confidence in our authentication program, and that hundreds of Nike employees – including current senior executives – use StockX to buy and sell products. This latest tactic amounts to nothing more than a panicked and desperate attempt to resuscitate its losing legal case against our innovative Vault NFT program that revolutionizes the way that consumers can buy, store, and sell collectibles safely, efficiently, and sustainably. Nike’s challenge has no merit and clearly demonstrates their lack of understanding of the modern marketplace."

You really shouldn't read much into the lawsuit. NIKE choosing to sue StockX has little to no bearing on whether they are legit or not. 

Does StockX Sell Used Shoes?

No. In order to ensure authenticity of items, StockX does not sell used shoes, accessories, clothing, or other goods. The items you purchase from StockX will always be brand new with the original packaging. 

Does StockX Accept Returns?

StockX is set up as the middle man to protect your against fakes and also to protect the identity of sellers. As such the items your purchase from StockX cannot be returned. Rest assured you can still choose to list the items you buy on StockX and sell them. Because of StockX's commitment to dealing only 100% authentic goods, you shouldn't be needing to return them anyways. 

So, is StockX Legit?

Yes. StockX is a legit place to buy and sell your rare sneakers and streetwear. However, as with any business, any seller, any transaction, there are definitely things that slip through the cracks. No matter what StockX does to protect its customers from counterfeit goods, there will always be something that isn't caught. 

The fact that StockX has provided a safe space for buyers and sellers to trade highly valued sneakers and other items shows how far we've come in the sneaker game. We've already seen others quickly follow suit, and the idea of authenticating sneakers before shipping them to buyers will only continue to get better and better. Props to StockX for their efforts to rid the sneaker game of counterfeit products. 

Continue to trust StockX and their process, but don't be afraid to branch out either. Other platforms like GOAT and eBay Sneakers offer similar processes and procedures. 

Educate Yourself

Above all, the best protection against getting scammed when buying sneakers is to educate yourself. The more you do to learn the ins-and-outs and nuances of the sneaker game and the shoes you're looking to purchase, the better protected you'll be. 

And remember, if the deal is too good to be true, it probably is. 

Opting to Buy Used? 

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