Fixing Sole Separation and Yellowing on the Knicks Air Jordan 3

Fixing Sole Separation and Yellowing on the Knicks Air Jordan 3

 Vick Almighty Takes on Cooked Air Jordan 3

When you store your Air Jordans in a hot garage for too long, they can turn out looking like this. Today we have a pair of Knicks Air Jordan 3s that have seen better days. This pair of Knicks Air Jordan 3 is yellow, dirty, creased, scuffed, and separating at the seams. 

We just so happen to know Youtube’s best sneaker restorer, so let’s get Vick Almighty in here and see if he can work his magic. I’ll be impressed if he can make the Knicks Air Jordan 3 look halfway decent again. 

It will require a lot of work and great attention to detail to fix these up. Do you think he can pull it off? Man, who are we kidding! Vick can do it all.        

Alrighty, Mr. Vick Almighty! Let’s see what you can do.

Cleaning the Knicks Air Jordan 3

To get a good look at the shoe and figure out how much restoration work will need to be done, we need to give the shoe a proper deep clean first. Vick settled on using the RESHOEVN8R Deep Clean Signature Bundle to take care of that issue. 

After removing the shoelaces and insole and inserting the Adjustable Shoe Tree, Vick went straight for the Medium Brush to take care of this tumbled leather upper. Because the stains are set in pretty deep, the Soft Bristle Brush just won’t handle business as well as a stiffer one. 

However, Vick did use the Soft Bristle Brush to clean up the insole and insides of the sneaker. As usual, the Stiff Bristle Brush cleaned up the outsole without any problems. 

Despite his best efforts to clean the Knicks Air Jordan 3 with just the RESHOEVN8R Sneaker Cleaning Solution and Three Brushes, this shoe is toast…it’s in desperate need of a trip through the washing machine. 

Vick bagged the Air Jordan 3 in the Sneaker Laundry Bag and threw it in the wash with Sneaker Laundry Detergent to flush out any remaining dirt and debris. The Knicks Air Jordan 3 is clean, but it’s still pretty yellow, especially on the rubber outsole and backtab. Vick applied some Sole Revive to these areas, and a few hours in the Vick 2000 indoor UV setup made quick work of that nasty yellowing. 

In The Details

 Once out of the wash and fully dry, Vick started to prep the sneaker for new paint with acetone and cotton balls. This shoe is going to require very close to a full repaint. The midsole, upper, and Jumpman logo on the back tab will need the touch of a true sneaker artist to bring them back to life. 

Painting any shoe is a laborious process, and the Knicks Air Jordan 3 was no different. Vick painted it section by section and applied new tape in between each paint job to prevent even a single speck of paint from making the jump into an area that it’s not supposed to be in. 

But Vick didn’t just paint the shoe; it had some nasty sole separation that needed to be glued back together. Vick used an Exacto knife to remove the old glue from that separation area and put it back together using his trusty Barge Superstik Cement. 

Another detail that Vick really devoted his time and effort to was the creasing on the toe box. To remove the creases, Vick used his age-old iron trick, in which he stuffed the shoe with towels, placed a wet rag over it, and used an iron to smooth it out. 

Court Classic

It’s so fun to watch Vick get into the zone and just nail every detail. 

Any sneaker is a treasure in the hands of Vick Almighty, no matter how trashed it was before. The Knicks Air Jordan 3 looks ready to hit the court at Madison Square Garden. 

Do you have a favorite pair of Air Jordan 3s? I’m partial to this Knicks pair because orange is my favorite color. 

Head over to Youtube and let us know in the comments. 

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