Let’s Talk Luxury

Let’s Talk Luxury

Every single year we watch drop after drop sells out and we cop what we can, and cry about what we can’t. It’s a known fact that when a hype sneaker comes out, there are bots crawling sites, people waiting to blow their car payment on their next pair of kicks, and a ton of people mad that they couldn’t get their hands on the latest drops.

We’ve branched out from Nike and Adidas to bring you a comprehensive list of sneakers that are making a splash in the industry and will look awesome in the streets.

These are a mix of men, women, and unisex sneakers that come from all around the globe. Let’s see if we can point out your next pair of luxury kicks

1. Alexander Mcqueen: Oversized Glitter Sneakers

If you’ve read any of my blogs before I definitely have to find a pair of sneakers that screams sparkle and glamour and these Alexander McQueen sneakers are calling for my next paycheck. Coming in around $550 depending on the site and size you score them from, these sneakers come with a sleek top, covered in glitter which a stunning white sole.

2. Saint Laurent Andy Classic Low-Top Sneakers

You can’t call yourself a basic B unless you have a pair of Saint Laurent sneakers in your closet. These versatile sneakers hover in the $500 range and are ready for every occasion.

3. Balenciaga Speed 2.0 Lurex Sock sneakers

This Balenciaga shoe is all over TikTok lately and it’s amazing! The high knit fabric, and then the understated logo on the side screams high fashion for whatever situation you’re in. Mr. Reshoen8r did a cleaning video with the Balenciaga line and it broke down each step to keeping these kicks fresh. These kicks hover around the $950 range.

4. Balenciaga Track Clear Sole Trainer

Yes…. WE ARE GOING BACK TO BACK with Balenciaga.

This. Shoe. Is. Awesome.

This sneaker is eye-catching in its Dark Navy or Light Blue and will keep up with you in every situation. The high-powered Balenciaga line doesn’t skimp on quality or price. These sneakers hover around $1100 but are worth every single penny. 

5. Playtime Venezia Sneakers

With offices opening back up in the united states, there is no reason to not be fashion-forward from head to toe. The Berluti sneaker is a premium sneaker that can be dressed up with slacks or dressed down with jeans. With premium Venezia leather these sneakers are weighing in around $1300.


6. Prada Cloudbust Air low-top Sneakers

Would we really be doing our job if we didn’t add Prada to the list of sneakers that are high fashion?  The cloudbust is the most comfortable sneaker line that Prada offers. If we could walk on clouds, this would probably be heaven. The lining is 100% leather and its hefty $1400 price tag makes us sing to the angels and tell Santa Clause we were very good this year!


So what do you think? Are you going to be getting any of these high fashion sneakers and adding them to your collection?

Thats all for now

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