Love Fights Back with Reshoevn8r

Love Fights Back with Reshoevn8r

Reshoevn8r is working hard to give back to our local community in 2021! On February 20th, artists from all over the country came to take part in the Phoenix Mural Fest event. Paint the City and Love Fights Back were the stars of this event. These artists put their creativity to the test with the wall outside of our sneaker boutique, “Many Worlds”During the event you could purchase a variety of tasty treats from local food trucks such as In The Cut, Bored Pizza, and Lime Drop.  

We conducted a Q&A with Edson “House” Magana who was one of the artists and Founders of "Love Fights Back" that contributed to this masterpiece. To learn more about the project and also other events they have attended, check out our in-depth Q&A with “House”!

R8: Why did you choose this spot for the mural?

House: The spot chose us! As the project built and came to life all the pieces fell in place. We are a Hip-hop based movement, with multidisciplinary artists in music, voice, and dance. So for the Bboy in me, sneakers are home.

R8: Do you have any sneakers in your collection? If so, what sneakers do you have?

House: I do, but wouldn't classify myself as a sneakerhead or collector because that's a life of its own. As a Bboy sneakers are the tools of the trade, so I do have my Puma suede Clydes, some delicious flavors in Gazelles, some Jordans and Dunks for weddings, a pair for all occasions.

R8: What was your motivation to become an artist?

House: I always admired those who could draw, the thought of creating whatever you saw in your head. But before becoming a letter Bender, Style Writer (graffiti writer), the resources and expectation of what, and how you had to create art felt limited. Being an artist was never really the goal, being part of a community, having control of being seen when you wanted to, and being invisible when you needed to. Invisible Kidz.

R8: What is one of your best memories while being an artist?

House: The missions. Rooftops and train tracks. Every masterpiece has a story behind it.

R8: Do you have any initiatives you would like to promote?

House: Love Fights Back, equality through equity. Self-discovery.

R8: If you could design your own shoe, what shoe would it be and what would it look like?

House: It would have to be a Bboy/Bgirl shoe. A shoe tuff enough for a concrete battle, but fly enough for the club. Inspired by the motion of breaking on motion, colors you would see on a burner running on a train.

R8: Give a brief description of the project we are working on together?

House: This is a collaboration for the people, from the people. A gathering and celebration of how our creative intelligence manifests, see hear and feel each other through the collective consciousness.

R8: How can members of our community help the cause?

House: Show up! However, that might look like. In-person at an event, a donation, offering resources, mentorships.

R8: What does “Love Fights Back” mean to you?

House: LFB means the unity of peaceful warriors from all tribes voicing for the voiceless. Creating reminders to always stand back up, no matter how hard and unfair life might feel.

R8: What is your favorite project you have worked on?

House: Furious Styles Crew Anniversary. It brings an International family reunion of artists, celebrating community through art, dance, music, and storytelling.

To learn more about artists just like House, make sure that you follow the artists and the Love Fights Back organization on Instagram.

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