Best Luxury Travel Gifts 2022

Luxury Travel Gifts for Him/Her — Holiday Gift Guide 2022

These Luxury Travel Gifts are a MUST for the Holiday Season

We all know someone who loves to travel, but finding the perfect gift for them can be hard. This Holiday Gift Guide breaks down the best Luxury Travel Gifts for Him/Her

You probably think of RESHOEVN8R as a shoe care company, but we’ve been working hard to expand our product lineup. After a lot of research and product development, we’ve finally come up with some great luxury travel gifts to accommodate those in need of stylish, affordable travel accessories

Okay, I’ve teased too much: Here are the best Luxury Travel Gifts for Him/Her for the 2022 Holiday season.

Weekend Sneaker Travel Bag

The all-new Weekend Sneaker Travel Bag redefines what it means to travel in style. This premium luggage bag is the perfect accessory for your next destination vacation or weekend getaway. 

Don’t fret over what to pack, this luxury travel bag has enough room for everything you need. The spacious compartments provide ample space for multiple outfits, shoes, and more. 

Pair its versatility with the premium aesthetic and design, you have yourself a winner. The Weekend Sneaker Travel Bag should be on your wishlist of Luxury Travel Gifts for Him/Her. 


Travel Toiletry Bag

Have you ever left for vacation only to realize you left your toothbrush? Maybe your deodorant? The Travel Toiletry Bag is the perfect luxury travel gift because it keeps the most important things organized and by your side. 

The premium design is waterproof and features leather detailing for added style. Combine that with the convenient carry handle and portable size, this bag is ready to hit the road! 


Luggage Laundry Bag

When you travel in style, it’s important to keep your dirty clothes separate from your fresh fits. The Luggage laundry Bag from RESHOEVN8R was designed with the fashion-forward traveler in mind.

Use this premium drawstring bag to keep your dirty clothes away from the rest of your stuff! This perfect pouch doubles as a great way to carry spare shoes if that's your thing, too.


Adjustable Shoe Trees

Ditch your old wooden shoe trees. RESHOEVN8R's Adjustable Shoe Trees make traveling with your kicks stress-free. Besides preventing your shoes from being crushed in transit, they also help your shoes maintain their shape in storage and in the washing machine. 

No more crushed toe boxes! 


Sneaker Wipes

The last time on our list of luxury travel gifts for him/her is our Sneaker Wipes. These portable wipes are the ultimate travel companion. Slip one into your wallet, purse, or Travel Toiletry Bag so that you never get caught with dirty shoes! 

Don't let their size fool you; Sneaker Wipes pack a punch. Each wipe features two sides, one textured and one smooth, to give you ample cleaning action on the go. 

Sneaker Wipes also make a great stocking stuffer. Buy a box, dump a few in the stocking, and then save a few for yourself! 


See it? Like it? Want it? You got it! 

That rounds out our list of the best Luxury Travel Gifts for 2022. From everyone at RESHOEVN8R, we wish you safe travels and lots of holiday cheer! 

 Don’t see a gift here that catches your eye? Check out the rest of the great shoe care items we have in stock, or opt for a gift card (we won’t judge you if you do). 

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