How to Make Shoes Last Longer

How to Make Shoes Last Longer

Whether you purchase shoes for style or just for convince, everybody wants their shoes to last forever. Here is 3 simple ways to preserve your shoes for a long time.


1. Protect your shoes from damage with repellent

When you first get a pair of new shoes, make sure to always spray them with a water and stain repellent. A few even coats is all you need to protect your shoes from getting stained by liquids such as soda, ketchup, or alcohol. Also the repellent acts as a barrier to dirt and makes it easier to wipe off loose messes, preventing lasting stains.

2. Maintain your shoes with frequent cleanings

Just like your clothes, your shoes require cleaning. Cleaning your shoes once a week or even once a month is an easy way to make your shoes last longer. By preventing build up of dirt or stains you keep the structure of the shoe more solid, and you save money by not just throwing out your shoes just because they are dirty.

3. Save your soles with Sole Shields

Lastly, most people over look the soles of their shoes until it is too late. Your soles do the majority of the heavy lifting on your shoes, so to ensure them lasting give them extra protection like Sole Shields

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