MF DOOM Restoration

MF DOOM Restoration


The Nike SB MF DOOM Dunk highs are one of Nike’s most iconic sneakers to ever be released. For those of you that don’t know MF DOOM was an underground rapper from Long Island New York that was extremely popular in the early 2000’s. He was known for his one of a kind style and lyricism along with his Silver mask that you will never see him without. This mask is inspired from Dr.Doom a Marvel created supervillain which is why he portrayed a super villain like persona on stage. Unfortunately MF DOOM passed away on October 31st of 2020, but his legacy carries on because of his loyal one of a kind fan base. These Nike Dunks resemble his mask with the black and silver color combination on the uppers along with his name “DOOM” in silver lettering toward the top of the uppers. One of the coolest features of this shoe is the crazy MF DOOM artwork on the inside of the sole and the insole. Yes, not the insole, the inside of the actual sole itself. which is what makes this shoe so sought after. With prices ranging from $2,200 to $3,500 depending on the size these shoes are hard to find which is why this restoration is so important.


Vick starts off this restoration process by dethreading the midsoles from the upper of the shoe. The old glue on these shoes is very brittle so, he needs to get rid of all of the old glue so he can put on a new coat. After he takes apart the bottoms from
the uppers he uses some Reshoevn8r sole revive to get rid of the yellowing on the bottoms of these DOOMS. Vick then uses a sharp blade to scrape off all of the old glue from where the uppers and lowers connect. If you reapply the new glue without removing the old, the new glue will not hold nearly as well which means Vick would have to do the restoration again so, make sure to never forget this step. He then uses a dremel to roughen up the material to enhance the quality of the reglue. Next Vick uses acetone and cotton balls to get rid of all of the gunk from the inside lip of the soles.

Finishing Up

After a few days of reapplying the Reshoevn8r sole revive, the soles are back to looking fresh out of the box. Now to finish the re-glue Vick sprays some adhesion promoter to the outsoles, and then puts a coat of Barge Superstik to the inside of the sole as well as onto the bottom of the midsoles, as well as on the foam and
insoles. To finish this task Vick heats up the applied glue and puts it all togethr by rethreading the bottoms to the uppers, completely revamping these once beat down dunks. To add some finishing touches to this restoration Vick games out the red laces and puts in gray to fit the ominous persona of the shoe. Next Vick uses the Reshoevn8r horsehair brush and Mink oil to revive the beat down suede bringing back the color in the dark materials. The restoration is complete and these shoes are the efinition of perfection.

Preserve and Protect

Vick then uses a new product called Capsole. It is an air tight sneaker capsule to store your shoes safely protecting them from the decay of time. A Lot of materials on sneakers not only break down from wear and tear but also natural decay. This capsule hinders this process as much as possible keeping coveted sneakers wearable for generations. Check out the video Link below and you might be able to win one for your own sneaker collection.

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