The New Balance 550 in the Triple White colorway

Top 5 New Balance 550 Colorways You Need for Your Collection

New Balance 550 Best Colorways

The New Balance 550 is one of the best sneaker models of 2021-2022. While New Balance has always had a good following within the sneaker community, the New Balance 550 has taken the Boston sporting goods brand to new heights. 

Thanks in large part to the retro tooling and low-profile that can be worn with about anything, the New Balance 550 is easily one of the most popular shoes right now. We’re seeing increases in sneakerheads opting for one of the many colorways of the New Balance 550 rather than some of the more contemporary and mainstream options such as the Nike Dunk or Air Max 90. 

The wearable silhouette and the fact that New Balance is cranking out so many different sweet colorways of the New Balance 550, coupled with a plethora of partnerships and collaborations to bolster the image has made it extremely hard to even get a pair of the New Balance 550 for retail. 

This chunky looking low-top basketball (turned casual) icon is flat out one of the top shoes of this last year, and we’re going to highlight some of our favorites. Without any further ado, let’s take a look at what we feel are the top New Balance 550 colorways on the market right now. 

Top 5 New Balance 550 Releases of 2021-2022

1. Triple White New Balance 550

Color: White/Grey

Style Code: BB550PB1

Release Date: Jan 14, 2022

Retail Price: $100


It’s hard to pick against an all-white sneaker. The all-white New Balance 550 is just so clean. The contrast of the white leather against the gray outsole sets the whole shoe off. If anything, the Triple White New Balance 550 makes the dad shoe cool again. Do you agree?

RESHOEVN8R just featured the Triple White New Balance 550 on a recent cleaning video….you can check that out here.

And if you’re worried about keeping an all-white New Balance 550 clean…you know where to find us! 

2. UNC New Balance 550

Color: White/Pastel Blue

Style Code: BB550HL1

Release Date: Jan 25, 2022

Retail Price: $110


Okay I’ll say it, North Carolina Blue looks good on just about anything, and the New Balance 550 UNC is no exception. The stunning Carolina Blue just meshes so well with the white upper, giving this particular pair a fresh, wearable look with a pop of color. 

A classic Jordan college colorway on a New Balance sneaker might feel wrong in principle, but man does it look oh so good! A litte Carolina Blue never hurt anyone…the New Balance 550 UNC is definitely one of the best colorways out there. 

The resale market thinks so too. It’s crazy that we’re seeing New Balance sneakers like this garner so much attention from sneakerheads and resellers alike. 

3. Aime Leon Dore Natural Green New Balance 550

Color: White/Natural-Green

Style Code: BB550A2

Release Date: April 16, 2021

Retail Price: $130 

Age is all of the rage right now, so it’s no wonder that an aged, yellowed look found its way onto the New Balance 550, courtesy of Aime Leon Dore. The NYC-based streetwear label has done some great shoes in the past few years, and the New Balance 550 Aime Leon Dore in the Natural Green colorway is up there with the best of the best. 

Everything about the Aime Leon Dore New Balance 550 screams vintage. The yellowed look in combination with the deep, dark green accents really set this pair apart from the rest of the Aime Leon Dore collaborations with New Balance. 

As with most of Aime Leon Dore’s collaborations, these sold out fast. You’re going to have to cough up a pretty penny on the resale market if you’re set on grabbing a pair. 

4. Rich Paul New Balance 550


Style Code: BB550RP1

Release Date: Dec 10, 2021

Retail Price: $140

I guess agents are getting sneaker deals too? Rich Paul is arguably one of the most notable agents in all of professional sports, so it’s only right that his New Balance 550 colorway is a banger. 

Similar to the Aime Leon Dore pair, the Rich Paul New Balance 550 capitalizes on off-white tones and a more muted color scheme. But muted doesn’t mean boring. The Rich Paul New Balance 550 has plenty of character, and even features custom ‘Rich Paul’ logo tags on the tongue. Definitely one of the best colorways of the New Balance 550 to date. 

Rich Paul has earned his players a lot of money, and you’re going to have to give up a decent chunk of change if you want to grab a pair of the Rich Paul New Balance 550 on the resale market. Maybe we’ll get an Adele colorway soon? 

5. Joe Freshgoods "Conversations Amongst Us" New Balance 550


Style Code: BB550BH1

Release Date: April 15, 2022

Retail Price: $120

Joe Freshgoods is always putting out new collaborations with New Balance, so it was only fitting that he was able to design his own colorway of the New Balance 550. The New Balance 550 Conversations Amongst Us draws inspiration from the Black community and the crucial dialogues that connect them. 

The Joe Freshgoods New Balance 550 is extremely simple, but so clean. The understated off-white color is complimented nicely by a change in material, some long-hair suede.  The aged yellow sole really brings the package together as a cohesive sneaker that can be worn with any outfit. 

From the conversation and message behind the sneaker, to the renowned creativity of Joe Freshgoods, the Conversations Amongst Us New Balance 550 is one to pick up. They dropped in April, but at this moment resale prices aren’t too bad. I’d suggest picking up a pair before they take off! 

Which New Balance 550 is Your Favorite? 

There are so many colorways of the New Balance 550 that it would be nearly impossible to highlight them all. The effort that New Balance is putting into the New Balance 550 has paid off big time. Outside of the five sneakers we listed here, there are multitudes of options if you’re looking to grab your first pair of the New Balance 550, or just add to your already budding collection of New Balance sneakers. 

Which one is your favorite? It’s really hard to go wrong with any of them. If we missed your favorite colorway, be sure to let us know which one is your go-to. 

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