Clean your Panda Dunks the Right Way

Clean your Panda Dunks the Right Way

Deep Clean the Nike Panda Dunks

Is the Nike Panda Dunk the best shoe of this year? If your answer is no, try telling that to the almost 20,000 pairs of Panda Dunks that StockX has reportedly sold…and that’s just on the resale market. 

Nike and its retailers have also been hard at work keeping the Panda Dunks in stock and on sneakerhead’s feet, and honestly the grip that the Panda Dunks have on the community OUTSIDE of sneakers is just as wild. I think we’re going to have a lot of new sneakerheads introduced to the game BECAUSE of the Panda Dunks. 

Think about it for a second, how many people do you know have downloaded the SNKRS app for the first time in their life just to try and score a pair of Pandas? Well regardless of whether or not you rock with these popular black and white Nike Dunks, it’s good practice to know how to clean them with RESHOEVN8R. 

Jordan is going to be cleaning up a beat pair of the Panda Dunks in an effort to “Save the Pandas”. The designated savior will be the RESHOEVN8R Essential Kit (discount code at the bottom to buy your own), join us as we detail how to make the Nike Panda Dunks look brand new again. 

Cleaning Essentials

It’s a good idea to start every sneaker cleaning by removing the shoelaces and inserting a RESHOEVN8R Adjustable Shoe Tree. Then before introducing water and Solution to the mix, Jordan simply dry-brushed the sneakers with the Soft Bristle Brush to remove surface dirt. This will keep our cleaning station clean and help us avoid making a muddy mess. 

Now that the caked-on stuff is eliminated, Jordan used RESHOEVN8R Sneaker Cleaning Solution and the Soft Bristle Brush to liberate the leather uppers from any dirt and grime. After wiping the Panda Dunks clean with the Microfiber Towel, we can see that the RESHOEVN8R Essential Kit is doing its job. Onto the next!

Jordan used the Medium Bristle Brush to clean the midsole and remove some deeper stains from the tongue and then finished off the preliminary cleaning with the Stiff Bristle Brush, which she used on the sole of the sneakers. 

While the outside of the shoe is looking much better, the inside needs some work. Jordan removed the insole and gave it a good scrub with the Soft Bristle Brush, and finished it off by cleaning the sock liner and backside of the tongue. 

Our shoelaces (which have been soaking in the bowl of water and Solution) are ready for some attention. To clean the shoelaces Jordan simply scrubbed them between her hands, and wrung them dry using the Microfiber Towel.

Flush It Out

Despite our best efforts to deep clean the Panda Dunks with just the Essential Kit, we noticed that the tongue had some really deep dirt and stains that the Brushes weren’t able to reach. Luckily we can easily run these Panda Dunks through the patented RESHOEVN8R Laundry System to completely flush them out and complete this Dunk deep clean. 

After a full wash cycle in the RESHOEVN8R Sneaker Laundry Bag with the Sneaker Laundry Detergent, the tongue is bright white, and we’re back on track. All that’s left for this cleaning of the Panda Dunks is to lace them and rock them. 

Save the Pandas

Next time you’re at Disneyland, Sneakercon, or walking the halls of your favorite mall, keep an eye out for someone with dirty Panda Dunks…and be sure to let them know that RESHOEVN8R will save their Pandas. You wouldn’t let someone try to flex on you in dirty Panda Dunks right? 

We’re all in this together. Save the Pandas, use RESHOEVN8R, and do your part to ensure that every Panda Dunk you see is treated how you would want your Pandas to be treated. 

Do you own a pair of  Nike Panda Dunks? Or are you still on the hunt? Head over to Youtube and let us know in the comments! 

And make sure to pick up your very own RESHOEVN8R Essential Kit, use this link to get 10 percent off your purchase:

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