Off-White x Nike Dunk Low “50 Collection” Giveaway

Off-White x Nike Dunk Low “50 Collection” Giveaway

Just when you thought Reshoevn8r had their biggest giveaway of the year with the Dior Air Jordan 1s this past July... we decided to do something even BIGGER.

For all those who didn’t catch the W in Virgil’s recent Off-White Dunk Low ‘50 Collection,’ Reshoevn8r is giving not just 1, 2, but 5 lucky winners a chance to win a random Off-White Dunk Low in their size. 

That’s right! 

Not only will there be 5 winners, but those winners have a chance to win any of the Lots from 1 to 50 and IN THEIR SIZE! Virgil wouldn’t have wanted it any other way.

Winners will be chosen during a live event and will be pulling numbers 1 through 50 to see which pair will be sent to the winner via StockX!

Reshoevn8r Pairs Well with Off-White

Making sure your prize pair of Off-White’s are fully cleaned and nearly deadstock is not new to Reshoevn8r. Our team has put their personal pairs on the line to make sure that you know exactly how to maintain and restore your grails. See the video below to see Mr. Reshoevn8r himself brings back a pair of Off-White Air Jordan 4s back to life with Reshoevn8r’s Essential Kit, Shoe Trees, and Dry Suede Kit!

Take Cleaning to the Next Level

While you can maintain your sneaker investments with Reshoevn8r products! See how you can take your hobby even further with Reshoevn8r’s Executive Club! The value of these Off-White’s can only rise from here. Equip yourself with the skills and support to keep your sneaker stocks high and potentially start a business in the process. Our very own Vick Almighty will soon be offering exclusive restoration classes with how-to breakdowns similar to video below:

Thats all for now,

Reshoevn8r signing out!

Reshoevn8r provides the best shoe cleaner in today’s market! Equip yourself with all the right tools with our selection of shoe cleaning kits and bundles. Whether you are trying to restore a pair of white shoes, leather shoes, or tennis shoes, Reshoevn8r has the research and development to provide the most elevated shoe treatment. Clean your Jordans and Yeezy’s confidently by following us on our social channels (YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook)

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