Reshoevn8 The Planet By Recycling

Reshoevn8 The Planet By Recycling

November 15 has been deemed as “National Recycling Day” and recycling is a big part of the Reshoevn8r brand. There are many ways that everyone who uses our products can help reduce the unwanted waste in our landfills. 

Many other companies such as Nike have taken initiative to recognize the benefit of recycling in 2020. This year they released a variety of different shoes called the Nike “Space Hippie” collection. There have been many different colorways and they are all made from recycled waste from inside the Nike facilities. These shoes were very sought after by most, considering we have not seen Nike do something like this before. These sneakers pair great with Reshoevn8r products and there are many ways that our customers can recycle our products!

If you clean your shoes as much as we do, you go through a lot of solution! Our bottles are 100% recyclable so when you are finished with them, don’t just throw them in the trash, throw them in the recycling bin! You can also do that with all of our packaging!

All three of our brushes can be used for a ton of different uses besides cleaning sneakers. If you need to give your car tires a good scrub, they are perfect to get all of the crud off! They are also perfect for if you need to clean your countertops. Rags don't always pick up all of the mess you have left behind after making your favorite meal. Take one of our brushes to get all of the grime off to make your countertops shine!

All of these tips are great solutions on how you can help save the environment one step at a time! Be sure to let us know of any other tips or tricks you have done to recycle our products on social media!

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