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Reshoevn8r Partnerships on the Rise

Behind the scenes here at Reshoevn8r, new and exciting things are always happening. Included in these things are building, maintaining, and fostering new relationships and partnerships within the sneaker industry. 

Today we wanted to highlight a few of our partners, and give them a huge ‘Thank You’ for their contributions to Reshoevn8r’s continued and growing success. 

Through each of these partnerships, Reshoevn8r hopes to share our love for shoe care with wider audiences, both in philanthropy and entrepreneurship.

With that being said, let’s take a look at four of the brands that we're privileged to partner with. 


You guys have been asking, and we delivered…finally! For years, loyal fans have wondered when our worlds’ best sneaker cleaning products would be available at Footlocker. Well friends, that time has finally come. 

As of this moment, the Reshoevn8r Starter Kit is available exclusively at Footlocker storefronts and The Starter Kit retails for $15, and contains everything you need to get started cleaning your kicks. 

Included with your Starter Kit is an all-purpose brush, 2 OZ bottle of our famous Sneaker Cleaning Solution, and a towel to dry your kicks post-clean. 

Product has been selling fast, so make sure you get over to your local Footlocker or shop online ASAP to secure your exclusive Reshoevn8r Starter Kit

Bata Sole

Since 2017, Bata Sole has been Reshoevn8r’s go to partner for all things charity and giving back to the community. At their heart the mission of the Chicago-based Non-Profit is to provide impoverished communities with access to gently-used athletic footwear. A noble mission, and one that we with so many shoes often take for granted. 

Through their efforts in 2019, Bata Sole along with Reshoevn8r were able to donate over 2000 pairs of shoes to youth in the poorest parts of the Philippines, as well as provide the youth with free basketball training. 

Besides working in their local Chicago community to provide sneakers to the less fortunate, Bata Sole has also done work with the Special Olympics, and is already planning future trips to Mexico and Uganda, where they will continue to further their mission. 

Just last month, Bata Sole came down to Phoenix to partner with Reshoevn8r and M1 Performance for a free basketball skills camp for the youth in the local community. Dubbed 'Camp Sole Phoenix', participants were asked to donate gently-used athletic shoes. Between teh 63 participants, around 300 pairs of shoes were donated. Those who donated were also given the opportunity to clean their shoes with Reshoevn8r sneaker cleaning products. 

KYX World

Reshoevn8r has been partnered with KYX World since 2021. KYX World is a sneaker rental service that offers three different tiers of sneaker rental subscriptions. What this allows you to do is rent a pair of sneakers that you’d like to wear, and rock them for a month before deciding if you want to buy, send them back, or rent them again. 

Sneakerheads who choose the top tier Platinum subscription can rent up to three pairs of shoes at one time. The Diamond tier allows you to have 2 shoes at once, and the Gold allows for one. The best part about KYX World is that you don’t have to worry about ruining the shoes…just wear them like you own them. 

That’s where Reshoevn8r comes in. Once you swap your shoes for another pair, your pair gets cleaned by KYX World’s in-house cleaning team using Reshoevn8r sneaker cleaning products. In addition to the thorough cleaning process, each shoe ships with a custom KYX World branded Reshoevn8r Sneaker Wipe, so that the recipient can also wipe down their pair before rocking em’. 

Pricing for the Gold tier starts at 59 dollars per month, and goes up to 299 dollars for the Platinum tier. 

Use code 'CLEAN20' to get 20% off your first subscription. KYX World (KYX) is the premiere sneaker subscription experience, revolutionizing footwear culture by providing all-inclusive access to an expansive rotation of authentic, limited-release styles.

Many Worlds Clothing

You may have seen members of the RE8 team rocking Many Worlds clothing in some of our cleaning videos. Many Worlds Clothing is Reshoevn8r’s sister store, with both an online shop and a physical storefront. 

From Air Jordans to YEEZYs, and everything in between, you’re sure to find your next favorite pair of shoes at Many Worlds Clothing. 

The shop features a great mix of sneakers, from the rarest of pairs to the GR pairs that you’ve been looking for. Many Worlds Clothing even has a display case reserved for only the rarest and most expensive sneakers…those of you high rollers won’t have problems finding something that suits your taste. 

On top of being a sneaker store, Many World Clothing also has their own in-house designed line of signature apparel. From tee’s to hats, shorts and sweatshirts, the Many World Clothing apparel line is well crafted, thoughtfully designed, and of great quality. If you're looking for some streetwear to compliment your shoes and set off your fit, look no further than Many Worlds Clothing. 

We invite you to stop by and check out everything Many Worlds Clothing has to offer. And if you’re feeling it, bring a pair of your dirty kicks for our Reshoevn8r Drop Off Cleaning Service while you’re at it. 

Come by our physical storefront of check us out at

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