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RESHOEVN8R is dedicated to protecting your sneakers and keeping them clean to ensure you look your very best day and night. That’s why we offer a variety of programs designed to meet your specific needs. 

Whether you’re a sneakerhead looking to keep your collection clean, an influencer looking to promote a product and make some extra cash, or a budding entrepreneur who wants to use their sneaker cleaning skills to start a business, we have programs to kickstart your next journey

The RESHOEVN8R team wants to share our joy in cleaning sneakers with the people who support us most..... The hope is that one of our various programs will allow you all a chance to share your passion for sneakers with the world in collaboration with the industry leader in sneaker care. 

Let's take a dive into our programs, and what fits your needs

RESHOEVN8R Executive Club

The purpose of the Executive Club Program is to provide you with the chance to become your own boss in the sneaker cleaning business. For those with an entrepreneurial spirit and a love for cleaning kicks, this program is a must. 

On the surface, it’s a subscription-based program designed to let you earn some additional revenue and start your own sneaker cleaning business…but it’s more than that. 

The Executive Club program will allow you to become a Certified Shoe Care Specialist. On top of the ability to test and become certified, you’ll receive exclusive discounts on products, tips, and tricks from Vick Almighty, and in-depth How-To guides to get your business up and running. Mr. Reshoevn8r and Vick Almighty know a thing or two… because they’ve seen a thing or two, catch up with these two amazing sneakerheads in their newsletters, Youtube Series, and Podcasts (coming soon).

There’s no better feeling than seeing a happy customer walk away with a clean pair of sneakers, and then tell all their friends who cleaned their kicks.. Whether you’re bringing a pair back from the brinks of death, or simply doing a touch-up on someone’s favorite shoe, putting your Shoe Care Certification to good use provides satisfaction that nothing else can. 

Kickstarting your Executive Club Membership is easy. Simply purchase the Executive Cleaning Kit and Membership bundle, and start diving into the ins and outs of becoming a Certified Shoe Care Specialist. Study the resources, pass the test, and start taking clients. Make sure to opt in to email so you will be able to stay up to date on the newest products, ideas, and tips for growing your business.

For being a member… did we mention that with most orders you will get an extra 20% off our already low prices? Monitor your operating costs, manage your time and you’re on your way to being the #1 sneaker cleaner in your city. 

Kickstart your Sneaker Cleaning business: Join Now!

Subscription Service 

You love the product, you use it all the time, but sometimes life gets too busy and you forget to order… Let us help with that. Loyal customers who often buy the same RESHOEVN8R products over and over will love taking advantage of our Subscription Service. Currently, 11 of our products (including Sneaker Cleaning Solution, Sneaker Laundry Pods, Sneaker Wipes, and Water + Stain Repellent) are available through the Subscribe and Save program. DON’T FRET…. More products are coming SOON to our program. 

All you have to do to take advantage of these amazing offers is to choose the “Subscribe and Save” option before you add the product to your cart. Use that menu to choose how often you’d like to receive the product, and then sit back and watch as your product is automatically delivered in your chosen time frame. 

Those who choose to go this route will notice the discounted rate (yes… you’ll get to save money by subscribing) and will love the convenience of never having to re-up manually. It’s a great way to keep a little bit of extra money in your pocket, while still receiving the great products you know and love. 

Your subscription portal will allow you to access your membership, skip shipments, change frequency, and many more options. We are constantly working to innovate our programs and keep our #1 title, as we work to improve our subscription model be on the lookout for bundled deals, swag, merchandise, and the ability to change your subscription from one product to another. 

Just remember…You can never have too much RESHOEVN8R! 

For more information, you can check out the FAQs guide to our Subscription Service. 

Ambassador Program

Does your social media mean as much to you as it does to us? Being the trendsetter of your group can definitely have its advantages. RESHOEVN8R’S Ambassador Program will get you hooked up with our industry-leading experts, give you tips and tricks to growing your social following, and give you the opportunity to get exclusive discounts on RESHOEVN8R products.

Here at RESHOEVN8R, we’re always looking for talented individuals with a passion for sneakers - and keeping them clean. That passion deserves to be shared with the WORLD. That’s why we created this program - to give our loyal fans an opportunity to show others what the RESHOEVN8R brand is all about. 

Sharing your passion for sneakers can be done in a multitude of ways. Whether you like to blog, run a Tiktok, have a successful Instagram page, or run a Facebook group, we want to give you the chance to earn some cash while promoting a brand that you already use, know, and love. 

Through the RESHOEVN8R Ambassador Program, influencers will be able to earn up to a 20% commission on sales they generate through their following/audience. On top of the commission, Ambassadors enjoy other perks such as occasional free products, discounts, and other performance incentives. 

We want you to be a part of our team! Join now by applying here:I WANT TO BE AN AMBASSADOR

RESHOEVN8R Rewards Program

Here at RESHOEVN8R, loyalty is important. We think you deserve to be rewarded for your continued support and purchase of RESHOEVN8R sneaker cleaning products. As such, we’re excited to introduce our brand new RESHOEVN8R Rewards Program. This new program will allow you to earn points on qualifying RESHOEVN8R purchases, which can be redeemed for free products

The RESHOEVN8R Rewards program is only available to Subscribe and Save members and Executive Club members (for now...). As a member of one of these two programs, you’ll receive points for your monthly purchases. Points can also be earned by completing defined tasks such as subscribing to the RESHOEVN8R newsletter or following us on social media. 

Earn as many points as you can, there are no limits. Continue to make purchases, and stack your points until you’re ready to redeem them for free products, coupon vouchers, or exclusive swag only available to RESHOEVN8R Rewards members.

Learn more about how you can start earning rewards with the RESHOEVN8R Rewards program: Rewards FAQs

Influencer Program

For those of you with a large social following (at least 10k), the RESHOEVN8R Influencer Program gives you the opportunity to work hand-in-hand with our marketing team to share your love of RESHOEVN8R products and all things sneakers. 

As opposed to the Ambassador Program, those who qualify for and are accepted into the Influencer Program will receive more hands-on direction and guidance. This partnership isn’t just about pushing products, it’s about us helping you come up with deliverables that will showcase the RESHOEVN8R brand and help grow your audience. 

Most participants in the Influencer Program work for commission plus a flat rate, while others choose one or the other. Another advantage of the Influencer Program is the ability to negotiate your terms and conditions with us. We’ll work with you to find the solution that benefits both of us. 

Some of our top influencers include Common Hype and Unbreakable Kicks. You could be next: Join Now!


Have you ever used Discord before? RESHOEVN8R has our very own Discord channel where we chop it up with our friends in the sneaker community. Discord is a community driven environment that gets the first information on releases, new products, sales, amazing giveaways (think $1,000+ ).

 Inside of our Discord there are separate channels such as Sports Talk, Before and Afters, Sneaker Memes, and more. You’ll also find our latest Youtube Videos, Instagram Posts, and Facebook Posts all within the Discord platform. 

Those who join the RESHOEVN8R Discord are sure to find a topic thread that they enjoy. Share your custom sneakers, show off your freshly cleaned kicks, or just talk shop with other sneakerheads and the RESHOEVN8R squad. We invite you to come and see what our Discord is all about. 

Facebook Group (you should probably join this group)

Similar to Discord is the private RESHOEVN8R Facebook Group. Besides being a hub for exclusive RESHOEVN8R content that you can’t find anywhere else, the Facebook Group also serves as a place for you all to share your custom sneakers, restorations, and ask our expert staff questions.

As opposed to our Facebook page, the Facebook Group is more of a conversational platform, where you’re free to share ideas, opinions, ask questions, and share your work with other sneakerheads.

Sneaker release dates, FAQ, Who wore it day are all amazing things that you’ll see everyday in this group. This is a community driven group that helps each other get their toughest stains. Mr. Reshoevn8r, Vick Almighty and other RESHOEVN8R experts pop into this group frequently to help with problems

 We want to hear from you, and eagerly await your contributions to the RESHOEVN8R Facebook Group: Join Now! 

Make it Happen

We don’t know if you’ve heard of a basketball player by the name of Michael Jordan….or you might have heard of him. His version of making it happen, is one of our favorites. 

Some people want it to happen, some wish it would happen, others...MAKE it happen. 

Here is your opportunity to MAKE IT HAPPEN with RESHOEVN8R. 

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