Reshoevn8r Retailer Spotlight: Many Worlds

Reshoevn8r Retailer Spotlight: Many Worlds

We're back with the next installment of our new monthly series, highlighting a Reshoevn8r retail partner on the blog. Today we're hanging out with Many Worlds from Phoenix, Arizona!

R8: Before we dive in, our readers would love to “get to know you” a bit better. Can you tell us a bit about your ‘backstory’ and how you got started? (a couple of examples would be how long have you been in business, what made you want to open a sneaker store, etc.)

MW: My Name Is Jonathan but everyone calls me Jonny or “Bubbles”. I first started with Reshoevn8r back in 2016 as a product specialist making kits and shipping orders. I have since grown with the company and now act as Hokage of Many Worlds. The dream of opening a sneaker store has always been a thing for Steve aka the owner so when we had the opportunity to do so we took it. We purchased our building and started renovating from there. Over the past two years we have been buying sneakers and building our inventory into what you see today. Our initial grand opening was supposed to be in April. However, the shutdown prevented us from doing so, which looking back was a blessing in disguise because it allowed us to do more interior design with the store. Our grand opening date was August 8th and has been popping ever since. We are excited to be the new kids on the block and can't wait for what the future holds for Many Worlds. 

R8: What do you think makes your company stand out? Can you share a story?

MW: I believe the concept of Many Worlds makes us unique and gets people interested in who we are. When they come into the store our service is what really sets us apart from the crowd. We believe in making it an experience when you visit our store. We had a customer come in recently and see that we had a pair of Air Mags on display which were his grails. We asked if he would like to hold them for a photo and he was shocked. He was shaking while holding the shoe but the photo came out great. That's something he will always remember about our store.

R8: None of us are able to achieve success without some help along the way. Is there a particular person who you are grateful towards who helped get you to where you are? Can you share a story?

MW: There are too many people to list out who have motivated me and pushed me to keep grinding. More importantly my faith in God kept me strong to pursue my dreams of making it big with Reshoevn8r/Many Worlds.

R8: Why sneakers? What made you open a sneaker store? What are the biggest moments in your store’s history?

MW: Sneakers are the most important accessory to an outfit. You can have the flyest clothes but if you have busted shoes, that can ruin it all. So it was an easy decision to go with sneakers. That has been a big part of my life since I was a kid and they will continue to be important down to my kids.

R8: What was your first experience that you can remember, at a sneaker store? Or a sneaker convention?

MW: Let's talk about my first SneakerCon. That was back in 2016 and I was new to the Reshoevn8r Team. We went out to Dallas for the weekend to work the show. Well after a long hard working day the team decided to go out for some drinks. Turns out I got way too drunk and I earned the name Jonny Bottles. It was one of the best show trips and That name is long gone but will go down in history as the beginning of a true legend.

R8: Tell us about your closet… What are some of your favorite sneakers you own right now? Was there a pair that got away, that you wish you would have snagged when you had the chance?

MW: Favorite shoe I currently own is the Jordan 4 Union Noir. Loved the shoe since the first leaked photos appeared. One pair I wish I copped for retail was the Off-White Sail 4. I do not see myself spending 1500 plus for that shoe.  

Thank you for sharing your story. Can you tell us a little bit about your business?

R8: How long have you carried the Reshoevn8r line?

MW: Since we started.

R8: What is your store’s biggest Reshoevn8r seller?

MW: Signature kits and in store cleanings.

R8: What are your store’s specialties?

MW: We have the first Reshoevn8r sneaker drop off service where you can drop you shoes off to get cleaned.

R8: What are you having a hard time keeping on the shelf? (product or specific items?)

MW: Anything Travis Scott.

R8: Do you have multiple locations? If you only have one, what is the major significance of it?

MW: This is our first location but we would love to grow the brand to be in bigger cities such as LA, NY and my favorite Toronto. 

R8: Can you tell us about your stock? What do you see moving? What are some upcoming trends that you’re stocking up on?

MW: Jordans are definitely the big movers. However, Yeezy and dunks come in close second and 3rd.

R8: What are some ways that your store connects with the city? 

MW: We love to collaborate with local small businesses that are starting up themselves. Recently we teamed up with a clothing brand called Heart and dropped a limited edition shirt that said Love Thy Neighbor on the back which represents who we are as a company. We want to be cool with every sneaker shop or store that is in our same field. We can all eat together.

R8: We know the pandemic is affecting the retail climate. Can you tell us how it has affected your business? Have you changed your business model because of this? What precautions are you taking to keep your customers safe in your store? 

MW: Well being that this is our first retail store we are not sure how business is supposed to be. We definitely have busy days and slow days but it's expected with any new business I guess. We encourage social distancing while in the store and of course face masks are required to enter. We offer sanitizer to all customers if they would like. We also have two industrial air purifiers in the building to keep the air circulating.

Let’s dive into sneaker culture, really quick.

R8: Where do you see sneaker culture going in the future and what are your thoughts? 

MW: For one, I do not see it stopping. I see more and more sneaker stores opening up in the future. It might get oversaturated at some point.

R8: What is a sneakerhead?  If you could describe this type of person to somebody who has no idea… what would you say?

MW: A love and passion for sneakers. All types, not just the hyped ones.

R8: If someone wanted to start a true sneaker collection.. What's the first pair that you would recommend? What pairs do sneakerheads NEED to have in their collection?

MW: All white Nike air force 1 low top. Everyone needs a crispy pair.

Many Worlds carries the Following Reshoevn8r Products:

Water & Stain Repellent

Essential Cleaning Kit

Signature Cleaning Kit

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