Reshoevn8r Sneaker Cleaner in Costco’s Nationwide

Reshoevn8r Sneaker Cleaner in Costco’s Nationwide

The Reshoevn8r Team has some crazy exciting news as you can probably tell from the title we are Officially in Costco stores across the United States! Our products are in Select Locations so click the link below to find out if we are in a Costco Near you!  


Most of you are familiar with our products the original kit, essential kit, and signature kit but, for making our way into stores nationwide the team designed a one of a kind kit just for Costco, I’m sure it was hard to guess ,but yes the kit is called the Reshoevn8r Costco Kit. What you will find in this kit is our Aerosol Water and Stain repellent, Deodorizer Spray, 8 oz Cleaning Solution, Microfiber towel, and our Soft, Medium, and Stiff Bristle Brush. It has everything you need to protect your shoes from getting dirty and what you need to  clean them when they finally do! 

Costco Kit

Water and Stain Repellent protects your shoes from all liquids (Yes even things like Red wine or red gatorade do not stand a chance) and anything else that can ruin your shoes such as mud, dirt, or scuffs. One bottle of this water and stain repellent will protect up to 12 pairs of shoes making sure they are safe from anything coming their way. 

Water and Stain Repellent 

This Kit also comes with the Reshoevn8r Deodorizer spray. The deodorizer spray is used to keep your shoes smelling clean and fresh to keep people focused on how they look instead of how they smell. After using the Reshoevn8r deodorizer your mom won’t yell at you anymore for taking your shoes off in the car.

Sneaker Deodorizer

Lastly the Costo Kit comes with all of the supplies to give your shoes the deep clean they desperately need. Our 8 oz cleaning solution that gets out stains, scuffs, and grime, Soft Brush for delicate materials, Medium Brush for more resilient materials and the midsole, and Stiff Brush for hard materials like the sole, and lastly the microfiber towel to clean up all the excess water and dirt from the clean.

The Costco Kit is your one stop shop for the crazy sneaker collector or just a mom that wants to make sure her family always looks their very best. This kit is versatile and reliable for anyone, anywhere so stop by your local Costco today to completely transform your sneaker game with Reshoevn8r. 

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