Be The Difference With The Other 1’s Foundation

Be The Difference With The Other 1’s Foundation

The white Nike Air Force 1 is one of the most popular sneakers of all time. This sneaker is timeless and versatile. The Other 1’s Foundation is honored to be the world leader in donating Air Force 1’s to communities in need. Over the last few months Other 1s Foundation has been collecting pairs to be donated to people all over the world. If you are interested in contributing to the cause, check out their website and find out how you can make a difference.

To learn more about the Other 1s Foundation, check out our Q&A with the founder, Leah Tavares:

R8: Why did you choose the White Air Force 1?

Other 1s: The white Air Force 1 sneaker is a classic shoe, the must-have, and the go-to in your closet. As a kid, I wore a fresh pair on the first day of school every year from middle through high school. I chose the White AF1 sneaker to signify its importance within the culture and black communities especially. The sneaker ties so many together; they’re a “cool” factor and so highly praised, but ONLY when they are fresh and brand new. People pride themselves on having a ‘wear once and toss’ mentality; which is OK if that’s your thing. However, The Other 1s Foundation, was created to collect the abandoned pairs and repurpose the tossed kicks.

R8: How will donating our Sneaker Wipes help with your foundation?

Other 1s:  The Sneaker Wipes will be very helpful in keeping their go-to Air Forces fresh and in good shape. This will allow them to feel confident always. For the communities, youth, and folks that cannot afford a second pair of White AF1; the Sneaker Wipes will provide on-the-go cleaning.

R8: What sneakers do you have in your collection?

Other 1s: All white AF1s of course - only one pair right now, but also a couple of colorways like; the Vandalized Sail Chrome Yellow, a couple of cool pairs of Nike Dunk Lows I’ve kept in fair condition since High school, Air Max 1 Green Curry’s & Parra’s, Nike Sacai’s, Off-White Air Max 90 Desert Ore’s, Travis Scott Air Max 270s, Jordan Cement 3s, my favorite Jordan ever, and Jordan 1 Bred Toes. Plenty of Chuck Taylor High-top sneakers, like the Mono Patchwork White Egret and Hi Offspring Paisley Black. And of course, being born and raised in Boston, I have got to keep a couple of pairs of Adidas in my rotation; my current favorite is the Rivalry Low Superstars.

R8: Tell us about your favorite pair of sneakers.

Other 1s: My favorite pair of sneakers are my Off-White Converse Chuck Taylors. These were a must-have! I could honestly wear them every day.

R8: How can people become more involved with your organization?

Other 1s: Following Other 1’s on social media, including Facebook and our Instagram page, and helping to spread the word on the organization and movement! I am also looking for different locations across the US I can partner up with to keep donation bins at and more importantly, I am looking for communities and organizations, both nationally and globally, that we can give back to! I am always open to building connections, taking advice, and brainstorming ideas together. Whatever we can do to capitalize on the mission and goal to put on for Other 1’s.

R8: What was your motivation to become a part of such a great organization?

Other 1s: I’ve always believed that my purpose in life is to give back and give to others; to be a positive example of goodness and hard work. I started with my little sister and younger cousins to positively influence my generation and beyond. Over quarantine especially I kept thinking heavily about people everywhere that may be struggling and I wondered what I could do to help even 1 person. Being stuck at home left so much time to not only scroll through the internet but to also find ways to get creative and make quarantine a bit more manageable and purposeful. Our culture, “the” culture sets the tone for so much and for so many. I remember watching a video of Dr. Dre going through his White AF1 rotation, never wearing the same one 2 days in a row, and thought about people who may not even have 1 pair of sneakers to wear. Other 1s merges the culture and giving back. AF1s help foster community and cool, while donating them allows self-esteem to amplify and community to grow. 

R8: What is your favorite Reshoevn8r product?

Other 1s: Sneaker Wipes, of course, for a quick touch up if I’m on the go. On my sneaker cleaning days, I love to use the Reshoevn8r Bowl, Brush, and Cleaning Solution.

R8: What is one of the best memories you have from being a part of the Other 1s Foundation?

Other 1s: Other 1’s Foundation was founded just last October 2020. One of my favorite things thus far that makes my heart so happy is how many pictures and videos with anything involving white AF1s both friends and strangers tag me in now. I love that Other 1’s Foundation is thought of when these popular sneakers are seen! That means folks are thinking of other people and know what to do with their pair when they’re finished with them.

R8: Do you have any upcoming initiatives you would like to promote?

Other 1s: I am collecting a goal of 100 pairs (at least 50 in the Bronx, 50 in Boston) to be donated to organizations within Cape Verde For Life, part of the overall organization: For Life Inc., a non-profit that houses education and wellness projects globally. The goal is to get the 100 collected and hopefully be able to personally deliver pairs to my people on the island of Praia, Santiago on the Northwest coast of Africa. I’m looking forward to reaching other communities and organizations and giving back year-round!

R8: If you could design your own shoe, what shoe would it be and what would it look like?

Other 1s: While Converse Chuck Taylors are my favorite shoe overall, the Nike Air Force 1 is in my opinion the best sneaker silhouette. I’d definitely have to design a pair of those. I remember back in the day customizing a pair online like every day, maybe a custom Other 1’s design!

After learning more about how the Other 1’s contribute so much to the sneaker culture. We wanted to make our contribution to help those who need it the most. We will be donating 250 Sneaker Wipes to help keep everyone’s new AF1s looking fresh on the go. Be sure to follow the Other 1’s Foundation on Instagram and Facebook to find out how you can contribute to help out the communities in need.

Check out this awesome video from the Other 1's.

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