Many Worlds Retailer Spotlight

Many Worlds Retailer Spotlight

Momma gear will never go out of style whether it is a cute coffee mug, a magnet with the kiddos’ faces on it, or a nice hand-painted art piece from the entire family. With those Momma gear will never go out of style whether it is a cute coffee mug, a magnet with the kiddos’ faces on it, or a nice hand-painted art Reshoevn8r’s Retailer Spotlight is seen around the globe. We’re going to bring this segment really close to our office in this week’s Retailer Spotlight, get to know our sneaker boutique, Many Worlds.

We had the opportunity to sit down with Many Worlds General Manger, Jonny Bubbles, for a rundown of all dope things Many Worlds. Take a glimpse into Many Worlds as well as Jonny Bubbles, and how he came to be at Reshoevn8r. Steve Grear, the owner of Reshoevn8r, made a guest appearance and answered some questions for us as well.

Jonny, tell us our readers a bit about your ‘backstory’ and how you got started?

My name is Jonny and I started with Reshoevn8r five years ago as a product specialist, building Reshoevn8r kits. I worked my way up the ladder doing everything from wholesale to customer service to social media and now I am the general manager of Many Worlds.

Jonny, What IS Many Words?

Many Worlds is a sneaker boutique located in Phoenix, Arizona. We will be celebrating our 1 year anniversary on August 7th, 2021. Steve Grear started Many Worlds because he wanted to expand his love for sneakers from the cleaning products of our sister company Reshoevn8r. Our Many Worlds location expanded from just a drop-off cleaning service to a full-blown apparel and sneaker boutique.

Jonny, Many Worlds opened up during a hard time for businesses in the United States. What was that like?

We opened in August of 2020. It was a pretty weird time lining up vendors and contractors all while maintaining our distance, wearing our masks, and disinfecting everything. Arizona has such an amazing economy, and business support, we are truly blessed that our local customers came through for us. We always try to find ways to give back to our community that really help us make it in 2020. We do community events like “MidTown Flea”, we sponsor youth sports in the area as well as attend as many community events as possible.

Let’s talk about your products, Jonny... What is your best-selling Reshoevn8r product?

Our best-selling Reshoevn8r product is the Essential Kit. This kit comes with a 4oz ​​cleaning solution, a Soft - Medium & hard bristle brush as well as a microfiber towel. 

What are you having a hard time keeping on your shelf?

We are having a hard time keeping any Jordan 1’s and any variety of Nike Dunks on the shelves.

What stock do you see moving right now?

Our biggest sellers are Dunks and Jordan 1’s.

I have 1 final question, Jonny… If someone wanted to start a true sneaker collection... What is a must-have for their collection?

The first pair I would recommend would be an all-white pair of AF1’s. A few pairs that sneakerheads need to have in their collection, and can’t go wrong with,  would be Black Cement Jordan 3’s, any Yeezy 350 for comfort, and any Nike Slides.

Steve made his way over to Many Worlds where Jonny and I were talking sporting the custom sneakers that Vick Almighty made just for him.

Steve, In your opinion, What is the best pair of sneakers to wear in the summer and spring?

Personally, I like to wear low-top, breathable shoes in the summer because of the heat here in AZ. I typically wear Nike AirMax 270’s, Adidas Ultraboost 1.0, low-top dunks, Adidas NMD, but it really all depends on what outfit I’m wearing.

Can you tell us where you see your business in 5 to 10 years?   

The next five to ten years are going to be really exciting for Many Worlds. The first year was really just a warmup for what is about to happen. I have an amazing group of dedicated people around me right now, who are going to continue to push the boundaries of what is expected of a “sneaker boutique”

I can’t thank these guys enough for answering my questions and telling me about Many Worlds. Arizona may not seem like sneaker central, but if you’re in the area -- Many Worlds has you covered. From high fashion Dior all the way to the most coveted AF1’s, they have it all. Don’t forget to check out their “young ones” display case with hot sneakers for the kids in your life.

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