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Shattered Backboard Air Jordan 1 | Cleaning and History

Cleaning Jordan 1 with Reshoevn8r 

Welcome back to another episode of Shoe Care Academy. 

We’ve got Mr. Reshoevn8r in the building today to teach us how to clean the Shattered Backboard Air Jordan 1.

If you didn't know, there are a few iterations of the Shattered Backboard Jordan 1. We're going to be cleaning both the OG pair, and the Shattered Backboard 2.0. 

Depending on how your store your Air Jordan 1s, you might have noticed a glittery substance appearing on the leather. With Mr. Reshoevn8r's personal pair, this is definitely the case. 

So rather than just showing you how to deep clean your Jordan 1s, we're also going to show you a trick to remove that glitter from your leather. 

What do you think the trick is?

Cleaning the leather on the Air Jordan 1

To remove that glittery substance from the Shattered Backboard Jordan 1, all we're going to do is take some lotion and use our Microfiber Towel to rub it all over the surface of the leather. 

Once you've rubbed the lotion into the leather, use a dry portion of the Microfiber Towel to buff the excess lotion off of the upper. 

And just like that, the glitter is gone. 

After doing a quick clean of the midsole with our Sneaker Cleaning Solution and the Medium Bristle Brush, we're ready to move on to the Shattered Backboard 2.0. 

Shattered Backboard 2.0

If you thought the OG pair needed some work, just look at how dirty these are. It's tough to see such a nice Air Jordan 1 looking this sad. 

No matter, we've got an Essential Shoe Cleaning Kit on deck and we're gonna make these Shattered Backboard 2.0s look brand new once again. 

History of the Shattered Backboard Air Jordan 1

In my opinion, the reason the Shattered Backboard Air Jordan 1 fetches at least 1k on the resell market is the awesome story behind it...history really does make a shoe cool.

The orange and black colorway is inspired by an exhibition game in Italy in which Michael Jordan broke a backboard after throwing down a monster dunk. The jersey he was wearing? Black and orange. 

If you wondered why the insole on the OG pair features shattered glass and a basketball rim, now you know! 

The Cleaning Process

Mr. Reshoevn8r started be removing the laces and inserting the Adjustable Shoe Trees. Then he used the Soft Bristle Brush and some Sneaker Cleaning Solution to clean the uppers. The tumbled leather panels on the toe and side of the shoe might look a little dirty, but after we let them dry they'll be back to that nice cream color. 

To clean the midsole. he used the Medium Bristle Brush, and then the Microfiber Towel dipped in Sneaker Cleaning Solution to remove some of the deeper midsole stains. 

After scrubbing down the midsole with the Stiff Bristle Brush, we're ready to lace these back up and show them off to the world. If you needed any more proof that Reshoenv8r sneaker cleaning products are the best...here it is. 

Got a pair of Air Jordan 1s that are looking sad? Clean your Jordan 1s with Reshoevn8r, the best sneaker cleaner in the world. 

Thanks for stopping by our Shoe Care Academy. Our resident sneaker experts are eager to serve you and freshen up your prized kicks. Schedule a private Online Cleaning Consultation to receive instructions on how to clean your personal pair, or take advantage of our Online Cleaning Service to have our expert staff take care of it for you. 

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