cleaning white air force 1s

Shoe Cleaning ASMR — Cleaning White Air Force 1

Sneaker Cleaning ASMR — Relaxing Brush Noises

For us, cleaning shoes is relaxing. After a long day there's nothing more satisfying or relaxing than watching a shoe come back to life. We wanted to share that same feeling with you, so we're trying something a little different; sneaker cleaning ASMR. 

The goal is to help you clean your shoes and relax while doing it. So sit down, grab your Deep Clean Signature Bundle, plug in your headphones, and get ready for some relaxing shoe cleaning ASMR. 

What is ASMR? 

ASMR stands for Autonomous sensory meridian response. It’s most often described as a tingling sensation that begins in the scalp and moves down to the back and spine. Most find ASMR to be very relaxing and calming. 

Our typical sneaker cleaning produces a lot of relaxing ASMR sounds. Between the different brushes, textures, materials, etc...there's sure to be a sound that you gives you the tingles! 

Shoe Cleaning Therapy

Nothing is more satisfying that watching a dirty white shoe become bright again. By following each of the steps demonstrated in our sneaker cleaning ASMR video you should be able to revive and RESHOEVN8 any white shoe in your collection

For demonstration purposes we worked on an all-white Air Force 1, but this process would be similar with any Jordan 1adidas Ultraboost, and more. 

The Tools

Deep Clean Bundle

For a deep clean of your favorite shoes. 

As mentioned earlier we utilized our Deep Clean Signature Bundle for this shoe cleaning ASMR. Not only did this produce some awesome, tingly ASMR sounds, but it produced some pretty darn good results. 

The Deep Clean Signature Bundle contains everything you need for a deep clean with our premium shoe care brushes and the Patented Laundry System. We put the white AF1 through both of these treatments in order to achieve these insane results. 

The Results

We hope you enjoyed this shoe cleaning ASMR and that you found it both relaxing and satisfying. Looking for more awesome shoe cleaning tutorials? We've got a few that you might enjoy! Head over to Youtube to learn more. 

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