Overlooking the city of Medillin, Colombia.

RESHOEVN8R Visits Colombia

A Global Brand

RESHOEVN8R shoe care products are making their way around the world, and we couldn’t be more proud. The fact that a shoe care company based in Arizona has been able to fulfill orders and send our best sneaker cleaning products to places we’d never imagined is flat-out inspiring. 

Recently some of the RESHOEVN8R team was able to head out to Medellin, Colombia to attend Sneaker Summit, an event being hosted by one of our Colombian partners, Sneaker Society

But before attending the event and sharing the best sneaker cleaner in the world with our followers in Colombia, the team was able to take in the sights and see some of the best places that Medellin has to offer. 

The food, the dancing, and the atmosphere were just awesome, is our jealousy coming through? Even learning about the humbling stories surrounding Pablo Escobar’s reign of terror over Colombia provided the RESHOEVN8R Team with a deeper perspective on the resiliency and tenacity of the Medellin community. 

Vick Almighty, Mr. Reshoevn8r, Akil, and others were beyond impressed with the turnout at the Sneaker Society event. The setup was awesome, and loyal fans and sneakerheads alike turned up in droves to snap pictures with Vick Almighty, hang out, drink a local custom “Beershoevn8r” brew, and purchase limited-edition RESHOEVN8R products. 

As a part of the event, Vick got to sit in on some expert sneaker panels and answer questions about some of his greatest custom kicks. The audience loved hearing about Vick’s special projects, including his custom AF1s for the entire Phoenix Suns basketball team. The size and scope of the project, as well as the actual size of the sneakers Vick was working on for the Suns, was what the audience gravitated towards. 

Once the event was over, Vick paid a visit to a local customizer, David the Sneaker Remaker. David’s been making customs for just over a year but has picked up the craft quickly. His use of real, raw materials to revive customers’ old, beaten shoes is what sets him apart from others in the space. His ability to source and utilize materials that are almost exactly the same as the materials from the Nike factory takes his pieces to another level. 

Keep up the good work, David!

It was truly humbling to see so many RESHOEVN8R supporters and feel the love of a people who are so far away from our headquarters in Arizona. We hope that in some way we were able to touch the hearts of those we visited, and inspire them to share their passion for sneakers with others.

What a beautiful city. Where should we head next? Let us know down below. 

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