Gift Guide for Father’s Day: Make Father’s Day A Success

Gift Guide for Father’s Day: Make Father’s Day A Success

Father's Day Gift Guide 

Stop the Search, We Have What Dad Wants

Father’s Day is fast approaching, and finding the perfect Father’s Day gift can be a challenge. That’s why you’re here, searching through a Father’s Day Gift Guide, hoping that inspiration strikes like lightning in a Summer storm. 

Sifting through a forever-long Father’s Day Gift Guide is just mind-numbingly boring, and does no good to solving your problem. What you need are just a few succinct, economical gift suggestions that any dad out there is sure to love. 

So whether you’re buying a gift for your dad, husband, father-in-law, grandpa, or otherwise, one of the three suggestions below is sure to fit the bill perfectly. Take the two minutes to read about each of the gifts and then take a moment to envision that classic Dad smile as he sees the iconic brown RESHOEVN8R box peek out from underneath the wrapping paper. 

Here are three gifts your Dad actually wants for Father’s Day: 

Signature Shoe Cleaning Kit

If you’re anything like my dad, you’re very particular about how you clean your shoes. Dress shoes, sneakers, you name it -  it’s important to your dad to keep them as clean as his lawn is green. 

The RESHOEVN8R Signature Shoe Cleaning Kit is the perfect gift for Dad because it allows him to clean any shoe in his wardrobe. Whether he’s a sneakerhead or a grill-master, the Signature Cleaning Kit contains everything Dad needs for a complete clean. 

Think of it like a Swiss Army Knife (surely your dad has one). It does EVERYTHING for your shoes. Just like your dad, the Signature Shoe Cleaning Kit is a jack-of-all-trades. 

Signature Kit

Water + Stain Repellent

RESHOEVN8R Water + Stain Repellent is a must for the hard-working, yard-working dad. The last thing dad needs is wet shoes from the dewey grass during that Saturday morning mow. 

Apply a few coats of Repellent, and he’s good to go. Besides protecting his shoes from water, the Repellent also repels stains, this will come in handy next time he spills a little bit of BBQ sauce while he’s working the grill. 

Water + Stain Repellant

Dry Suede Kit

Sometimes Dad likes to spruce things up a bit with some suede wingtips or oxfords. It’s important to clean suede with the proper tools in order to avoid ruining such a delicate material. 

When mistakes happen, Dad doesn’t just paint over them… he fixes them. The Dry Suede Kit fixes stains instead of just covering them up. Use the Dry Suede Kit to gently erase stains away from his suede dress shoes. 

Dry Suede Kit

Make Dad’s Day Special

Father’s Day is a time to celebrate Dad and all of his quirks, there’s no time to stress over finding the perfect present. Picking out a gift shouldn’t be as hard as it is to get Dad to stop wearing socks with sandals.

Your dad would love to open any of the gifts mentioned above, trust me on this one.

The success of Father’s Day rests squarely in your hands…and on his feet. Snag a sneaker cleaning gift and secure your spot as Dad’s favorite! 

Happy Father’s Day from the RESHOEVN8R Team. 

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